Makeup Idea for Prom

To look your best on the prom is something all of us want and with girls, the prom dress is not the only thing that will determine the prom look but it Is also the makeup and hair.

Wearing the best makeup look will help you look your best no matter which dresses you chose from but if prom dress is a great piece and you are wearing yourmakeup wrong then you need to rectify the situations became it will ruin your whole look. Here are some of the makeup looks that you can go for depending on which colour dress are you wearing

Natural makeup

If you don’t like wearing too much makeup then you can wear a neutrallook that won’t make you look artificial but still, you will be dressed up for prom. Lip-gloss and mascara is something that we wear on almost every occasion so change a little bit of your makeup look will make you lookdifferent on prom. You can choose neutral coloursthatmatchyour skin for your makeup look.

Peachy eyes

Peachy eyes are the best makeup look you can go for if u don’t li too heavy eyeshadows as it is very light and subtle and even though it is light it is a little bit fancier than the neutral makeup look. It is the best makeup look based on your own age. This is the makeup loo y can do on your own too but still practice abit before prom so you can master is look.

Blue Smokeyeyes

With a long prom dress in the bluecolour, you would like wearing our makeup a little bit dramatic and you can do that with blue eyeshadow. Choose a royal blue colour for your eyelids nthen some it out with black eyeshadow at one end. With the blue dramatic eyeshadow, you can choose a nude lip colour o complete your makeup look. It is a simple look to try but still, it wouldlooklikethat you have had your makeup done by some artist.

Smokey eyes

Who doesn’t like Smokey eyes and here prom is the chance for u to go for that makeup look. You can wearthiseye makeup wit re lip colour and even with q nude shade and thatalldepends on o your dress. To get a Smokey eye look you have to practice it and make sure you look good in it.You can also have the help of someone who is good at makeup like your elder sister or a friend of ours.

Bronze look

If you have blue eyes then with just a swap of broncobuster eye shadow which is glittery and a lip-gloss you can look wonderful. This look will be even better with a light tan on your skin and is very easy to do yourself. You can also wear this eye shadow with a brightcoloured lipstick.

Pink Smokey eye

With deferent shades of pink colour, you can make a pink Smokey eye look and this look is very in these days. You can match it with another shade of colour for yourperfectpink dress.

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