Make it Memorable: The Best Thing To Do On Your Vacation

Make it Memorable: The Best Thing To Do On Your Vacation

Are you looking for Xi An Hotel? To vacationers, nothing beats relaxation and the simplicity offered at the end of the day by a soak in a private. While many hotel offer spas, hot tubs and finding a room is simple. This beautiful hotel offers a variety of authentic cuisines, meetings, conferences and recreational facilities. And looking for Xi An Hotel is directly connected by a link bridge to the airport.

Regal Hotels offers a range of customized rewards programmes to suit the needs of all our guests.

How to get there? Regal Airport Hotel is Located 80 meters from the Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. As soon as you land there, you’ll find a minibus in your service that will transport you directly at the hotel. And 30 km from the city, exploring the city is the best of all of the activities. You can explore Xi’an motorcycles, vehicles, taxicab and even bus service is also available for your convenience. Lastly, the distance from Downtown Xianyang is 15 km, using a car.

Regal Airport Hotel promises its visitors a comfortable stay due to its admirable hotels. The accommodation service is maintained keeping in mind the visitors’ conveniences. There are numerous hotels within the city as a five-star hotel, four style hotels, and 3-star hotels. Regal Airport Hotel is one of the few finest and recommended hotels in Xi’an. The major attractions for tourist should also be known to you in order that there are reduced chances of missing them.

If you’re a shopping freak? No worries, because Bell Tower Shopping District provides and consists of different shops and shopping malls, together with the local stores and restaurants. And it is located at the center of Xi’an City. You can enjoy shopping any time of the day and take time to explore places while you’re on a vacation. Then, Xi’an Kaiyuan Shopping Mall is one of the top list Shopping Mall in Xian City. Xi’an Kaiyuan Shopping Mall features more than a thousand shops of all kinds. No wonder why people loves to shop. You can shop what and whenever you want.

Craving for adventurous activities? Terracotta Warriors is one of China’s most famous and popular tourist attractions. This incredible museum amazes every people who like to visit Terracotta Warriors that consists of a collection of 6,000 soldiers, horses, chariots, and even weapons in all forms and each is distinctive in face and body shape. This is constructed to protect the tomb of their beloved Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Taking photos together with the soldiers is such a wonderful thing that you could never ever forget in your entire life.

There a lot of undiscovered places in Xi’an that you need to discover it. That’s what the essence of adventure.  And this is also a particularly essential for bookings made far living advance of your travel dates.

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