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Live In The Present Moment

We all are tensed souls living in the present moment but not actually living in the present moment. Throughout our life, we all keep on searching for happiness and in search for happiness, we forget to live! There is a product of the regret of past and tension of future called Stress! Stress takes birth every time you go into the past or future. The regrets of past don’t let us live and the tension on future doesn’t let us sleep.

Why are we not able to live in the present moment?

Let us consider an example: You are watching a beautiful sunset in the Alps and enjoy the nature at its best. It is one of the best feelings you have ever experienced. And, suddenly you get a phone call, “You have failed in the examinations!” Oops! Suddenly the beauty of nature is not so attractive. Suddenly, the feeling, the enjoyment is no more. All you are worried about is the results you got. But, let me ask you a question – Is there an undo button in life? Can you do something for which has already happened? Can you change the present? Can you go back into the past and change the circumstances? NO!

If you already know that you cannot change what has already happened, if you already know there is no undo button in life, then why you worry so much about what has already happened? Did you get the results? You cannot change it. So, why to worry about the results and spoil the beauty and serenity of the sunset that you were watching? The past is just the past. It cannot be changed. So, rather than worrying about the results, just make your mind, that in the coming future you will work harder and get some good marks and move on! Life is too short to worry, my friend!

On top of that, you also spoil your future while you regret about the past. In the present moment, which you are ought to live, you are regretting about that past and thinking, “What if I could have studied a little harder?” And, in the present moment, you make some promises to yourself to change the future. “I will do this. I shall not go to the parties anymore. I shall study 10 hours a day and the list continues.” You make promises that seem impossible because uncertainty is the property of future. And there is a saying, Man proposes, God disposes. The more you plan, the more you worry, Boom! You are going to spoil your future. And you give birth to a feeling called Stress.

So, what to do?

One answer to all the worries that your sensitive heart and mind are facing is Meditate, Meditate, Meditate. If you feel like regretting, you feel like worrying, just close your eyes. Close your eyes and watch your breathing pattern. You see, we are so much busy in living in past and future, we don’t even know our breathing patterns. Anger, hatred, love, excitement, fear, anxiety, jealousy – these all feelings have different breathing pattern. Don’t believe me? Then, analyze once. Close your eyes and watch your breathing pattern to avoid stress. Because, you cannot breathe in future, you cannot breathe in past. You breathe in the present moment. Meditation can be in any form. Sitting still and closing your eyes and watching your breath is also a meditation. So, from now if you feel like worrying or regretting, just close your eyes and watch your breath. And you will actually be living in the present moment. And so, it is said, “Meditate. Because, some questions cannot be answers by Google!”

Live in the present moment, the present moment is inevitable!

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Till then, Happy Living

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