Child Care Courses Perth is one of the reputed organizations in Australia that offers training to childcare job seekers. The courses available are Diploma Level Childcare Courses and Certificate III Level Childcare courses. It also offers Childcare Courses for International Students.

 It has been estimated that by 2020, there will be 22% more Childcare Managers employed in Australia. The website of ‘Job Outlook’ reveals that by November 2019, there will be 50,000 childcare workers in the country. There will be ample job opportunities with lucrative salary if you complete the Childcare courses in Perth. In order to facilitate you to make a decision to join the courses, below is a list of job opportunities and salary after you complete the childcare courses. The responsibilities and eligibilities are also mentioned in brief.

  1. Child Care Center Manager

Responsibility is to oversee the daily operation of the Childcare Center and to coach his team of Early Childhood Educators. Duties include planning the educational program of the center, preparation of day-to-day activities and recording the progress and development of children. Average annual salary is $66,458, Minimum Average salary is $60,833 per annum and maximum is $72,082 per annum. Minimum qualification is a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

  1. Childcare Workers

They assist in the supervision and education of younger children in childcare centers, residences and hospitals. They prepare the learning materials and help in the educational, emotional and social development of babies and toddlers and take care of their health and safety. Their average salary is $44, 469 per annum, Minimum average salary is $39,097 and Maximum average salary is $70,094.

  1. Early Childhood Teachers

They teach the basic of literacy, numeracy, art and music. Their salary is $57, 034 per annum, Minimum salary is $50,549 and Maximum is $64,230. It is $30 to $40 per hour. In Western Australia the salary is $78,818 to $81,958 per annum.

  1. Center Director: $68, 000 to 88,000
  2. Kindergarten Teacher: $ 67, 000 per annum
  3. Early Childhood Educator: AU$23.91 per hour and the total salary per annum is $40,609 to $62,030. Average wage per hour is $24.27. They plan and activities such as making craft and music and tell stories. They teach students, the rule of safe conduct and cleanliness.
  4. Partnership Coordinator or Master of Teaching: $98,775 to $117,290 per annum
  5. Nanny: The gross hourly rate is $17.29, throughout Australia. With overtime and bonus, the gross salary may be $31,310 to $54,745. A nanny takes care of children in their home by keeping children entertained and ensures health, safety and care for illness.
  6. Playgroup Supervisor: Salary: $66,872 to $77,875 a year.
  7. Family Day Educator; $1,341 to $1,508 per week
  8. Out of School Hours Care Educator; $24.48 to$29.97 per hour

Teacher Aide: $22.07 per hour

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