How To Launch A Life style Blog

There is nothing sweeter than earning money from your hobby. And if you love writing & have the knowledge about life, in general, then launching a lifestyle blog should not be a far-fetched idea for you. The idea of blogging is tempting for people who are students, freelancers, homemaker moms, retirees or anyone, for that matter, who has a zeal to connect with people. Among other benefits, turning blogging into a full-time business is something you can do best with your blog to earn money while paying the bills & also making a change in your life by being your own boss.

The best thing about a lifestyle blog is that it covers a variety of topics & you can share almost everything under the sun on the blog. Granted, generating revenues form the blog is one of the by-products, but it has other benefits too; you get to interact with like-minded bloggers, you develop interpersonal skills & you get to work & collaborate with your dream companies if you are lucky! Deciding to start a blog is easy. However, the process of launching takes the entire work & becomes overwhelming. The web is full of guides telling how to launch a blog, sharing tips & tricks for starting a blog, but this post is not one of those lengthy & evergoing posts. We, here, in concise & straightforward steps have presented five-steps guide to ensure a smooth launching of a lifestyle blog:

Choose A Niche

When you are blogging what interests, nothing will tire you out! Being a broad niche option that is a lifestyle blog, it is still recommended that you narrow down the topics that you like. If you enjoy talking about gardening stuff, then you must keep that one of your primary choices to blog about, but don’t limit to gardening tips & tricks; that is the beauty of lifestyle blog. Try to create a niche that is neither too broad, that blog looks all over the place, nor too narrow to limit your creativity. Once you have picked up your niche, try to stick with it. However, it does not mean you cannot write a story about travel experience once in a while if your blog is for fashion & interior tips.

Choose A Platform

Apart from the several choices among blogging platform, WordPress is the go-to choice precisely for beginner bloggers. While going with WordPress, you get two choices; one,, is free & the other one,, is paid. There are several benefits come with the free version of WordPress including free themes & free WordPress plugins from MyThemeShop. However, as the universal argument for any paid vs. free debate, restricts your option regarding products, technical support & has the ultimate control over your blog. Thus getting a paid account is recommended, so you have the complete control over your blog, the URL/domain name & your blog is secure. Spending a little bit of cash on your blog will do a favor for you in the long run. The best part of WordPress is that you get hundreds of free & paid themes & plugins choices for your blog’s design, features & functionalities.

Pick A Domain Name

After picking up the niche & platform for the blog, naming your blog is the next step! For a blog, half of the work goes into narrowing down the domain name for your blog. Domain name is the address-plate for your blog using which readers find you on the web; thus it is important for you as a blog owner to name it appropriately. Create a short domain name which is easy to remember & to type using simple spelling & easy to pronounce. Let your name tell the visitors something about your blog; include the primary niche in the domain URL to make it unique & stand out from the rest of the blogs.


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