Professional Year Program in Australia

Know the Professional Year Program in Australia

With growing job opportunities in all areas of Australia, there is a thriving economy. The number of employees in Australia is not enough to meet the growing demands of skilled workers. Australia uses skilled migration to solve the scarcity of skills in different areas. In addition to this, Australia employs thousands of skilled visa-paying professionals every year to fill vacancies in the industry.

There are world-class universities offering courses in different areas in Australia. The quality education system and the infrastructure of modern education attract thousands of international students from different countries. While studying in the country, students get technical and theoretical skills. Bachelor Australia still needs practical skills to be ready for the competitive market.

Top-ranked universities in Australia offer globally recognized degrees in various disciplines. High-quality education system attracts foreign students from different areas of the world. The pursuit of higher education in Australia helps students improve career prospects globally, in addition, after completion; foreign students can easily get jobs in the relevant industry.

The Professional Year is a designed professional development program with formal education and work experience. It integrates business training with the development of career skills to prepare you for the job. Successful completion of the professional year program will help you get important points towards permanent residence and efficient migration route.

The entire program is designed to efficiently provide industry-related skills that increase job opportunities for foreign graduates. To be eligible for this program, graduates require a minimum of 2 years degree from Australian Universities. Professional year in Australia serves as a step for foreign students to launch their careers in Australia; Graduates related to joining this program take a dream job in the relevant area and earn 5 points for permanent residency.

Recent graduates of Australian University’s courses have applied or issued a skilled-graduate (temporary) 485 visa, or bridging visa A or B, and have designated engineering ANJSCO code for migration purposes.

Applicants must also undergo a successful migration skill assessment through Engineers Australia to apply for admission to the Peer Program.

With two years of Australian qualification framework, students with accounting, IT and engineering backgrounds are eligible for a professional year course.

A professional year is also beneficial for migration purposes – in particular:

  • As a result of the end of the business year, the general Skilled Migration Issue Test will contain 5 digits
  • For Accountants, Business Year Skills Appraisal (7 educational IELTS or 7 in each band of equivalent) is an option for common English language requirement
  • For IT professionals, professional year skill assessment (12 months after an experience of qualification) is an option to require general work experience.

Although the cost is definitely a benchmark for a student, many educational institutions and agencies are offering business year programs in Australia at a lower cost. Please ensure that the selected education body has a reputation in the educated world with a strong internship program.

Some educational institutions will put students in unexpected placements programs, which is a total waste of a student’s efforts and the profession is not well recognized in the world. After the 485 visa expires, you will be interested in making agencies a migration customer. Therefore, it can see attractive wins in the short run; however, there will be a loss in the long-term perspective.

Joining the Professional Year Program helps International students start their career in Australia. The program prepares fresh graduates with relevant market-relevant skills to find a job in the industry. Other benefits of joining this program:

  • High employment in the market
  • Earn five migration points that support PR
  • Learn Work ethics and official communication
  • Write a resume and face interview
  • Development of customer service skills and personality
  • Networking with industry experts
  • Know the English language
  • Know the Industry and Responsibilities

This is why Australia is the best place to earn a higher education. Going to Australia for higher education gets job and job are not always smooth and easy.  After successfully completing the Professional Year Program in Australia, the internship program provides your access and gateway with some of the major brands in Australia.

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