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How to keep your 4WD in good condition?

Maintaining a 4WD is different from average cars and luxury vehicles. Having been created for adventurous and safe rides on unusual tracks like deserts, mountains and sand dunes, these heavy-duty vehicles need special care and maintenance. Cleaning and detailing routine is different from other domestic automobiles. The process comprises the combination of strategies, which starts before driving and continue throughout driving and returning the vehicle safely at home. In short, a 4WD maintenance regime involves regular care and maintenance. Frequent care enables auto owners not only to make their vehicles more dependable but also enhance the resale value.

Accurate handling during driving a 4WD when coupled with a regular maintenance schedule will keep the wheels running. Moreover, detail inspection and deep cleaning are essential for Mitsubishi service in Dubai.

Below I am sharing few of the essential activities you must ensure to keep your 4WD wheels running all the time.

Regular change of oil and filter

As these vehicles are made for rough track drive; their heavy engines and two axled-wheels demand frequent oil and filter replacements. The automatic gearbox overheated when driving off-road tracks. To avoid breaking it changes lubricants more often along with filters. To change the fluid, drain it through filter paper to see if it has large metal particles. Small shavings are acceptable, but big pieces and an excessive amount of shaving indicate serious damage to the gear box. Also, change transfer-case fluid even if it is not heated every time along with gearbox fluid.

Clean it frequently

Don’t leave it dirty at any cost. Irrespective of the quantity of dirt and grime, which may be accumulated over the exterior body, interior or on the tires; don’t let it stay on the vehicle surface. Contaminants like mud, sand, grease and captured water will destroy the body and form rust residues. A detail car wash is mandatory after exposure to harsh environmental conditions during the ride.

Wash and scrub the tires

 The tire is an important component of any vehicle. As we all know 4WD vehicles are unique in the sense they have a number of tires as compared to a common car. Inspect tires often to see if any foreign object has trapped in to remove it. Also, check wheel rim and axel to ensure nets are tightened already. If they are losing their place fix them immediately and change tires with cracks. Preferably an extra set of the wheel must be placed in the vehicle to tackle the accidental situation.

Check the brakes

Examining brakes doesn’t only mean to find and clean muck and grime during washing your vehicle. Do check pads, calipers, and brake lines. If pads are getting thin, replace them along with calipers.

Avoid overloading & fix repairs immediately

Never overload your 4WD not only because it is illegal but also harmful for your vehicle as well. It puts enormous stress and quickly displays lack of performance. Always unload the automobile after tripping and get it thoroughly washed, cleaned and vacuumed along with essential repairs if required. Try to attend any kind of breakage at the start before it becomes a major issue. Handling repairs initially are easy and often require small money.

Endnote: Never neglect maintenance and Mitsubishi service in Dubai to enjoy a comfortable ride even during off the road trips.

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