Surge Arresters

Keep your family and home appliance safe with Lightning Arresters.

If you are not using lightening Arresters in your home, you are keeping your home appliances and your safety at stake. An unwanted voltage fluctuation can cost you thousand dollars so the solution for you is Lightning and Surge Arresters.

 Do you know the use and importance and role of Surge and Lightning Arresters? Most of the people want it, but do not understand the work of the Arresters. It is also termed as Surge Suppressor which helps in protecting electronic devices in any house from electrical spikes. It helps in limiting voltage supply to the device by shorting the unwanted voltage above a safe level.

Surge Arresters are easily available for your home and office buildings.Lightning Arrester plays a vital role in regulating the voltage in comparison to Surge Arrester. Lightning can hit any place and building and it can affect the appliances directly or indirectly leading to a short circuit or damaging the products.

All electronic items are dependent on earthing as it ensures that the current does not cause any damage to any appliance or machine. There are different types of Earthing one is conventional type while is an old method of earthing and the second type is Chemical earthing which is advanced and effective one.

Chemical Earthing is also termed as Gel earthing which is effectively used by homeowners and industries too due to it’s not bothersome property. No maintenance Cost is involved and it is friendly for the environment and nature both.

Let’s understand how many Surge Arresters are required?

It depends on the distance between your Solar Panels and inverters, let’s understand that suppose you have 30 feet distance between both then you need only one Arrester else two or more than it. On one solar panel, you should fix two surge Arrester placed in the form of an array. You can install it in the form of the strips as it helps in regulating the voltage required by the devices. You can lose your appliance due to excess voltage permanently leading to high losses and suffered, so it is advised to get Arresters installed immediately on your home.

Lightning Arresters importance:

Lighting Arresters can help you to get rid of lightning strikes easily it averts the problem by transmitting current generated by lightning to the ground and ensures that all appliances are safe. It works in all types of weather, resistant towards corrosion so you can install it and relax for the next 30 years easily. You need not have to arrange any external power supply for its operation, it can be easily fitted with earthing.

The arresters are easy to install but you need an expert to install it efficiently and cost effective. There are various Arresters manufacturers available in the markets. But select the one which guarantees maximum benefits out of the product. Select genuine and reliable sellers who are experienced enough to manufacture Arresters which can keep your home appliances safe and secure. You can hire a specialist to install the Arresters and protect your home appliances in long run.

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