Japanese Anime Blast

Japanese Anime Blast

Although the Japanese anime obviously appeared out of nowhere, in fact it has existed for many years. Japanese anime has a pretty old story. The anime itself began with manga, which began to appear in Japan in the nineteenth century. The first manga and ideology of today’s manga was first conceived by a Japanese artist named Hokusai. Manga Hokusai was a compilation of sketches, and over time more and more artists took the idea of ​​Hokusai and strengthened it. Soon a new style of drawing appeared: the style moved away from the “sketches” and became thick lines and light colors. However, the stories are still as fantastic as before: spacecraft, mythical creatures, superheroes, gods, dragons and other such fantastic things often took part in this My Neighbor Totoro.

In the early 90s, manga began expanding into Western culture. At first, its distribution gradually expanded, and there were very few manga-style comics in Western countries. But soon after, the world of anime and Japanese animation was to see a huge explosion. Finally, the manga was adopted by such well-known companies, and the ideas of “foreign countries” that came with the traditional manga were introduced into Western society. It is a fact that in 1993 the manga and anime industry cost several thousand dollars, and in 10 years the industry has grown from this very low figure to more than $ 100 million.

The reason for such a significant increase in income was the fact that Western society officially accepted anime and manga. Popular TV shows, such as the Power Rangers were very successful. Power Rangers is a great example of how anime ideology was spread in Western society: the program was broadcast throughout Europe, Canada, the United States and Japan. Of course, programs such as the Power Rangers were not anime in the traditional sense, but it is clear that there is a connection between the things presented in these series and those that are still found in traditional anime.


Since then, we have seen much more traditional anime worms (actually animated) on their way to the western world. In fact, the non-animated anime paved the way for the traditional type to enter and make a small state. Have you heard of Dragon Ball? What about No Face Spirited Away If you have not done so, where have you been in recent years? Animation shows, such as those mentioned above, are now virtually familiar names in the west, which shows a huge explosion that the anime industry made. For 20 years, the anime industry in the west has grown from a thousand to millions.

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