Financial Management

Does your Investment Suit your Life Goals

You can easily reach your life’s financial goals if you invest in an FD and more. Want to plan your finances better? Read on! First things first!

We don’t live in a world that’s kind to our pockets! Yes, various life events such as splurging, personal emergencies and job loss are only some drops of an ocean which can impact your future financial vision.

Thus, by investing in a set of plans, you can be in a better position to fire or combat these issues and accomplish your financial life goals. One of those steps could be investing in a lucrative idea such as a fixed deposit or an FD with a known company.

The objectives of Financial Management

Unless you don’t have an objective, how can you reach a better phase in your financial life?

Let’s provide some objectives for financial management:

  • To ensure that you get a relevant and fair income amount each month
  • To channelize monthly funds as per your ability (paying debts, indulge in savings, managing regular expenses and more)
  • To establish a saving fund such as a fixed deposit that can cover up your urgent needs. It can also help your money grow over a period
  • To maintain a healthy income and debt outflow

Why do you need to Manage your Finances?

To help you understand the viability of financial planning, let’s provide you some reasons why you should manage?

  • Managing your finances means an easy management of your income as well
  • Monitor existing spending trends and expand your cash flows
  • You will be better prepared to increase or pull out funds for future usages
  • Ensure that your family is properly insured in times of a crisis or emergency

Tips for a Better Financial Management

If you want to reach all your financial life goals, you will need to implement some easy-to-apply tips to help you avail sure-shot future benefits such as:

  • Have a Budget – when you don’t have a budget, you don’t know what spending limit is, and it can lead to one of your financial goals to lose track
  • Make Saving a Habit – Start investing or saving money in proper investment schemes such as a fixed deposits or an FD. Why? FD interest rates are higher which can help your money grow over a tenor
  • Build your Emergency Fund – Keep aside at least 5-10% of your monthly salary for funding an emergency account so that you can use it when needed. The fund should be a separate one, and an FD account should not be mistaken for the same
  • Keep off from Unwanted Debts or Spending – So what if your credit card has a good credit limit left? Don’t give in to the temptation of indulging in unwanted debt and keep updated with your financial goal. Also, do not go for overindulgence in online and offline shopping and derail your financial goals
  • Look out for Other Investment Opportunities – Other than investing just in an FD and earning fixed deposit interest rate based ROI, you can also put some money in mutual funds with a leading company

The Bottom Line

When you are in a position to control your existing money outflow, you can better manage your monthly cash flows and channelize your funds towards profit yielding methods.

It can also include investing some money in an FD scheme or mutual funds and more and earn a good return over a period.

Why don’t you open an FD with a leading company and earn up to 8.10% interest for a minimum investment of Rs.25,000 for 12-60 months?

Like this, you can make a confident start towards reaching your financial life goals!

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