How to Improve Your Battery Life

Smartphone are becoming the necessity rather than utility. Today you just don’t need a phone you want a phone. As reported, there are more than 2 billion users of android at today’s date. The most reported problem issued by an Android user is of the Low battery life of the androids.

High ranges of smart phones come the cost of low room space for batteries. Downloading applications from the Google store can eat up your battery. But downloading applications with 9apps is always like a cherry on the cake. Experience it your own self at And for further tips and tricks, let’s move forward.

1. Turn off the things you aren’t using.

Beginning with things, there is a thing which we ought to forget usually turning of some unnecessary things which aren’t in the use. it is like leaving home with lights and fans on that adds up to certain money in your electricity bills. Leaving applications on when they aren’t in the use is quite usually the same it does not cost though, but it does cost the price of battery life.

2. Connectivty features

There is a fact that Wi-Fi consumes less battery than a cellular data. Not only cellular data eats up your battery life but other connectivity features like Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth and Location does too. So it’s better to put them on sleep when usually not in use. Best tip to put them on sleep at one go is hitting the Airplane mode.

3. Avoid putting your on vibration

it’s just a  myth that putting your phones on vibrations is much more convenient. But you don’t know it is actually eating up your phone’s battery. Phones at vibration use more battery as it has to shake up to get up your attention. For that, all you have to do is pull down the notification window and put it to vibration mode.

4. Keep an eye on what’s eating your battery

Keeping an eye on apps which are ending your battery life is do helps a lot. It lets you monitor applications and by that, you can delete applications which are not in use.
Go to settings option on your device > Battery

Some list of the applications will be displayed on your screen. Which displays the applications which are juicing up your batteries more? you can manage those by uninstalling or force stopping applications which are no longer in use.

5. Use simple wallpapers

With the advancement of technology comes advancement in everything. With booming advancement in graphic and resolutions brings the HD moving wallpapers. those HD wallpapers come with high pixilation which do eat up phone’s battery. So better its way better to avoid such heavy wallpapers.

6.Dim your brightness

Dimming your brightness is one of the best and savage ideas of saving your battery life. Some use high brightness to look up at screens in full daylight but when in low light you can dim it. Dimming your brightness do actually help a lot. Putting it to auto-brightness is a savage solution.

7. Reduce auto-lock time

Your screen is your biggest enemy in terms of battery. Using more of your screens can lead up to more battery consumptions. the best solution to the problem is reducing the time limit of auto screen locking. that leads to the less usage of phone screen’s light. 15-second duration is more than enough to put your screen on rest.

you can adjust the settings by going to the settings options in your phone then move forward to lock screen option then to lock automatically feature.

8. Regulating Temperature.

Like regulating your body temperature is an important task. Same goes for regulating your phone’s temperature. Mostly your phone’s processor gets heated up under some high and warm rays of sunlight. When your phone’s processor heats it takes more energy to run. more energy leads to juicing up  your batteries

there is a master plan behind that is when your phone’s body is heating up just remove the battery and rubs between your hands and cool it down.

9. Use lite applications

Using Lite applications is one of the best solutions to save your battery life. Apk and lite or beta versions of applications are lighter in weight so they don’t need extra room and need lesser amount for processing which leads to less usage of batteries

For best apk download your desired applications from and for downloading media at different formats in no time download Vidmate From

Maximizing your battery life by following these steps can actually help a lot. Not just is helps you to save power but also lets you work on your device’s life. Your device mainly functions on your batteries and keeping your battery healthy is an essential part. In a long run, using best qualities of batteries can help a lot rather using just imperative above-mentioned tips. To avoid using some extra measures plus extending the life of your phone try using the original batteries as they are perfectly designed for that specific models.

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