Important Facts you Need to Learn About VDRL Test

Important Facts you Need to Learn About VDRL Test

VDRL is an abbreviation for Venereal Disease Research Laboratory test. The blood test is carried out to detect Syphilis which is sexually transmitted disease resulting from infection caused by Treponemapallidum, the subspecies of pallidum. When it comes to the signs and symptoms of this disease, it varies according to the stages.

There are mainly 4 stages of Syphilis whereby the progression of stages worsens the condition. VDRL test is done to screen this infectious and sexually transmitted disease. You may also be asked to perform PSA test or Prostate-specific antigen test to measure the level of PSA protein in the male’s blood. For both the tests, sample of blood is collected and sent to laboratory to analyze it. The VDRL blood test is almost the same as RPR or Rapid Plasma Reagin Test for the detection of Syphilis. The report needs to be analyzed properly since it may read Positive even when there is no Syphilis. Due to viral infection or any other medical condition, the report can read Positive.

Why do doctors prescribe VDRL blood test?

If the doctor feels that you may have Syphilis, he will prescribe this test. If you show early symptoms of the infectious disease like painless sore on the surface of the skin, swelling in the lymphatic node or some skin rash that does not cause any itch, the doctor asks you to do the test. Well, this test may even be prescribed to you even when you don’t have any of the symptoms. This may just be the doctor’s assumption that you have the disease. If you are pregnant, the doctor will ask to undergo this blood test as the part of regular test. Your doctor may suggest you to undergo this test if you suffer from gonorrhea, another STI. If you are already treated for Syphilis, it is necessary to undergo the test to confirm that you are cured.

How the test is performed?

Just like any usual blood test, the VDRL blood test is carried out. The lab professional draws your blood sample from the vein near the elbow crease. This sample of blood is then tested for any antibody. If the report reads a ‘negative’, it implies you don’t have Syphilis. But, if the report is ‘Positive’, it implies you have this disease.  Know one thing that the test report can read ‘Positive’ when you have other conditions like malaria, Lyme disease, tuberculosis or pneumonia.

Is Syphilis curable?

Venereal Disease Research Laboratory test is a popular test for Syphilis. The disease is curable but it is necessary to consult with the doctor. If nothing is done, the infection may spread to various regions of the body. The test is not that perfect but it is still reliable way to get hints regarding Syphilis. It is necessary to indulge in safe sex. The doctor will prescribe antibodies to cure Syphilis.

The condition Syphilis may escalate severely if no measure is adopted for the treatment. If there is abnormal creatinine level in the blood, creatinine test to detect the functioning of kidney may be prescribed. In all kinds of blood tests, the lab professional draws some blood from the veins.

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