What Are The Most Important And Amazing Uses Of Wool?

Different types of fibres are used by us in day to day life in the form of various clothes, attires or other commodities. Depending upon varying needs and the prevalent weather conditions, varying types of fibres are used at large scale to manufacture clothes, bags, hats, caps, garments and such other things that come under the category of basic needs. Wool is also an important fibre the demand for which is increased significantly during cold weather conditions. Obviously, this fibre is used to make sweaters, woollens and such other garments. Apart from this, this amazing fibre is useful in number of other ways as discussed below.

For making sweaters, cardigans and woollen clothes

It is the most common and popular use of wool. In fact, we also have woollen clothes, garments, and sweaters etc. to protect against the extremely cold weather conditions. Since this fibre is warm and offers great warmth to the body, therefore, it is used in making the clothes meant for a winter season. That is why consumption of this fibre is quite high in such countries where there are extremely cold weather conditions around the year.

To manufacture blankets

The blankets that are commonly used in our homes during winters are also manufactured from the same fibre. There are different types and varieties of this fibre that are utilised for varying purposes. Distinct type of woollen fibre is used for blanket making.

Carpet making

The carpets that are used to cover floors in our homes are again made from this useful fibre. Here other fibres may also be used in combination with this warm fibre so as to produce the best quality and highly durable fibre. Due to the presence of woollen fibres, the carpets remain intact and have greater capacity to soak liquids etc.

For insulation and upholstery purpose

It would sound to be strange and amazing that this wonderful fibre is also used for insulation purpose at number of places. It may used at such places where there is the need to keep some space insulated from cooling effect. At the same time, this fibre is also utilised in upholstery works such as padding of the furniture seats so as to make them apt for sitting comfortably by the users.

To absorb odours and noise

Again you will be amazed to know about another incredible property of this fibre. It is also used in such machines, devices, and gadgets where heavy noise or strong odours are produced. It is due to the absorbing capacity of the wool felt that it helps in absorbing strong odours and also blocks noise. That is why, the piano hammers are also covered with the same material.

As a cover for cloth nappies

It is also an amazing use of this fibre that is known for its warming properties. Due to its hydrophobic as well as hygroscopic properties, it is used to keep the exteriors of cloth nappies dry.

There may be many more uses in the list that are still unknown to the common man. Due to all such uses, this woollen fibre is so important.

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