How To Get A Good Deal On Your Next Flight

Remember how in the past, we would have to run to a travel agent to book our tickets? Today, none of that is necessary! We can make our ticket bookings from literally anywhere with our phone, tablet and laptop. What’s even great is when we get a great deal on your flight booking!

Getting tickets at a cheaper rate obviously takes some planning. You need to be able to book, plan and travel smart if you are in a budget. So here are a few tips for you to help you save up on money!

Keep in mind the overall cost of those discounted tickets

“Tickets at half price” reads an email you just received from your favourite airline. While you may be tempted to book a holiday because of these discounted rates, it is always advisable to take a pause here. While the tickets may be discounted, see what the discount includes. Does a discounted ticket mean you need to pay for extra baggage? Is the flight at a reasonable time and not at some ungodly hour? While it’s nice that airlines send you emails like these, it is more often than not that they are making up for the discounted price in some other way. Ensure you keep your eyes on that where!

 Excess baggage fees

Well obviously you will have to compromise on something if you are taking the cheapest of all flights, and most often it will be on your luggage! But if you really need that extra baggage, then look at slightly costlier flights, you may just be able to carry extra luggage within the price of your ticket.

Don’t book that return ticket just yet

Sometimes airlines try to get you to book your return on the same airline. But if you are a little bit smart, then you will know to look at other airlines as well. You will notice that sometimes, the return journey by another airline is cheaper.

There’s no need to pre-book your seats

Airlines are quite sneaky. They will hold all the good seats and present to you only those very uncomfortable seats that are free. For people travelling solo, this isn’t much of a headache, but it is for those traveling with more companions because you are compelled to buy one seat just so that you can sit next to your friend. What’s best here is to skip this option and select your seats at the airport. You get to sit next to your friend for free this way! Just ensure you reach the airport early.

Check the Location of The Airport

Some airlines have their flights landing and taking off from different airports. While you may think that it is alright, remember that an airport away from the city means more in city travel time and more money to spend on reaching the airport. So, factor in the time and money it takes to take that particular flight and book a flight that’s from a closer airport instead.

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Uncheck those pre-checked boxes

This is one thing we are very weary about. Towards the end of your booking, airlines tend to have a number of options such as insurance and rentals that they automatically add. For those who are unaware of this, they will find that their ticket price would have increased by a lot all of a sudden. This is because of all those small things the airlines tend to add in slyly. Be sure to keep an eye on these and uncheck all those boxes.

Check in early

There are a number of benefits of checking in early. Airlines are a little politer to you if you have a little extra baggage and you’re allowed to choose your seats as well. Checking in last isn’t ideal especially when you have extra baggage, because the plane would already be full.

Check in online

Some airlines expect you to check in online and also print your flight tickets. If you fail to do so, you are charged a fee. Today, most airlines have apps, which allows you to check in from anywhere. Download a ticket from there and keep it on your phone.

Avoid the food trolley

We all know that inflight and airport food are exorbitant! The best way to beat this is to pack something from home. This will be a lot healthier and will also save you a crazy amount of money for a packet of chips!

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