Delhi has been always on the hit list when it comes to the delicacies of the food. There are plenty of places in the city where a gastronomist can eat like a king to stop the craving for food.

Influence from the Mughlai style of cooking, Delhi has been always considered as the paradise for non-vegetarians but Vegans also have a different story to tell. Actually, there are plenty of restaurants in Delhi.

But somewhere it is difficult to find an entire market dedicated to veg delights. But once going through the end of the article, you will come acrosswith the numbers of places that make excellent picks for pure vegetarian food enthusiasts. So, here are the lists of best veg restaurants in Delhi.

  • Carnatic Café

Are you a huge fan of South Indian food? Then, look no further. Carnatic Café is the perfect destination to fall in love with the wide range of south Indian dishes. This is small but cozy South Indian restaurant which is primarily located in the New Friends Colony. It offers a safe shelter to the lovely people who like to call themselves vegetarians. Apart from the regular favorites like Mysore Rava Masala Dosaand Masala Dosa, it offers a wide array of special dosas like Mallesharam 18th Cross and BombatDosa which has been named after the famous street in Bangalore.

  • Veg Gulati

It is the ultimate place for the pure vegetarian delicacies.  Veg Gulati is famous for its North Indian Punjabi food. But they also have food for Jain. And the best part of this restaurant is that they serve Sattvik food which is without onion & garlic. Health has become a major concern for all of us but due to the high work pressure, people start ignoring the health. Through traditional vegetarian delicacies, Veg Gulati offer you a nutritious and hygienic journey to cater to this wave of health consciousness.

The master chefs at this place cook a tempting array of dishes with love, affection, and pure ingredients to bring out the romance of Indian vegetarian food!! The great food creates a great day and they firmly believe in these things. So, if you are pure vegetarians, then choosing this restaurant will definitely give you an unparallel experience. Sometimes find a pure veg restaurant is a great experience in itself.

  • SagarRatna

This restaurant is serving the pure vegetarian food to its customers since 1986. Initially, it has opened its first branch in Defence Colony. But now it has become the most preferred destination for South Indian cuisines across the country. In a very short period of time, it has opened its 90 outlets and made its strong presence in the Delhi NCR.  They keep on updating his menu and introduce the innovative dishes to delight its customers. So, just chill and refresh your mind with this popular name.

So, this was all about the best veg restaurants in Delhi. But, in case you are interested in having delectable vegan food at the best vegetarian restaurants in Gurgaon, then you can rely on the following option.

  • Burma Burma Restaurant and Tea Room
  • Bikanervala – Indian Restaurant in Sector-29, Gurgaon
  • Downtown Diner & Fresh Beer Cafe Gurugram
  • Indian Grill Room
  • Naivedyam Restaurant

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