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Great birthday cake ideas for your little ones!

It is that time of the year when your little child’s birthday is coming up and you have to prepare yourself for all those worries and hassles again. The time has now come again when you will have to go through tedious visits from the relatives and have a huge line of children running around through the house. Birthdays are always considered to be the most stressful time of the year where you will have to spend most of the time in baking and decorating the perfect Birthday Cake for your child. In case you wish to look for some suggestions then this blog here will help you with some great ideas that you might like to consider year after year.

Some suggestions to consider!

  • Character Cakes

Isyour little one fond of film, television or cartoon characters? Are they fond of a licensed doll or any specific character such as Disney characters or Barbie cakes? Apart from this, there are also many other children who are obsessed with Bob the builder or G.I. Joe characters.  In the past, making character cakes would be definitely a difficult task but today making this is quite easy through a specialised cake mold for most of these popular and licensed characters. You can either bake them by yourself or just simply place an order at a baking store or a cake decorating supply shop. To make this job easier, many of the children’s birthday cake molds now come up with complete frosting instructions.

  • Sports Cakes

In case you have an active boy or girl and if they love sports then a sports themed cake is just perfect for them. You can use some simple ideas for these different Birthday Cakes with just round cakes that resemble baseballs, soccer balls or maybebasketballs. Children who love sports will definitely fall in for cakes that resemble something that belongs to the sports field. You can even try adding a net, goal or plastic figures that resemble famous spectators or sports players.

  • Photo Cakes

Have you run out of any ideas for cakes? Try making a cake with a radiant sugar “photo” which is easy to make and can be enjoyed by people of different ages. All you need to do is to just take a favorite photo to any of the local cake decorating stores or just simply mail it to the online stores and you will get an edible version of it in just a fewamounts. All you need to do is to follow the instructions and then place your order by mailing a photo to the store.

Hence, it is advisable that you purchase a birthday cake that does not drown into a plate once it is served. Look for cakes that have playful colors in them and add glittered candles to it so that it looks like a birthday cake.

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