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The glass for a perfect use

There are many types of glass treatments. These include tinted glass, anti-graffiti glass film, glass panels, splash back and mirrors, and double glazing. Tinted glass is used for privacy, energy efficiency, color, or protection from the sun. The different techniques to produce tinted glass include glass tinting, frosting, and glazing.

Types of glass treatments

Anti-graffiti glass film protects the surface of the door/window glass from graffiti. This helps save the cost of replacement of mirrors, windows, and interior which can be of a huge cost. For quality glass one can check the varieties with a Frosted door glass Company in the market.  Mirrors, Glass panels, and splashbacks help create astounding features for the kitchen, bathroom, work areas, and showroom displays. Splashbacks and panels are being increasingly used to make a modern design statement. Splashbacks and panels can be customised with your own created designs and colors. The other advantage is that it makes the rooms look larger and brighter especially when fitted with large mirrors and decorative glass.

Double glazing gives an extra layer of protection from sun, cold, wind and noise. It also provides additional security. To maintain room temperature, double glazing can be fitted with aluminum and timber doors and windows. An alternative to double glazing, single glazing can be installed in less energy-sensitive areas. Single glazing costs less than double glazing and hence is a cost-effective solution. To cut out external noise, laminated glass uses an insulating layer in between to reduce noise thus not requiring thick or heavy glass.

What is Frosted Glass?

A transparent sheet glass is sandblasted, or acid etched to produce frosted glass. This treatment creates a pitted surface on one side of the glass pane. This renders the glass translucent by scattering the light which passes through. Thus, it produces an effect of blurred images while still transmitting light. This helps the user to have limited light in some of the situations such as protection from direct sunlight to an area.

Applications of French doors with frosted glass

In contemporary bedrooms, French doors framed in wood, with frosted glass panels make a nice double-wide opening and gives the illusion of space. For bathrooms, beautifully designed wooden bi-fold French doors with frosted glass are a great way to minimise space that the door takes while swinging open into a room. For the study, a double French door with frosted glass provides the option of shutting out the noise when necessary but keeps the visual connection.

For kids’ bathroom, frosted glass fitted French doors offer a calming sense of enclosure and privacy. For opening to verandahs, a variant of the sliding frosted glass door can be used. Some manufacturers term it as the French slider. This type of door incorporates the advantages of a sliding glass door while retaining the look of a French door. Different from the two-panel configuration of the sliding frosted glass door, the French slider door has four panels. The outer panels are fixed in place while the two inner panels operate.

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