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Follow up procedures of a heart valve procedure

The normal expected time of recovery after a heart valve replacement procedure is 4 to 8 weeks. In case of minimal invasive surgeries the recovery time tends to be on the shorter side as well. Once the surgery is over you are advised to practice self-care and encouraged to breathe in and out. Then normal routine activities like walking, eating or running could be started. After this phase a patient is expected to regain the lost energy and return back to the basic activities of life. The support of the family along with peers is important. It is necessary that you take action, once the symptoms are found out.

The moment an individual is thinking on the lines of a heart valve procedure it is important to understand the overall objectives of the procedure. First and foremost the overall quality of life is going to improve considerably. Though all valve conditions are not dangerous, but some of them could turn out to be life threatening. In case if you are told that the valve needs treatment it would be foolish on your part to ignore it. If budget is a problem then government funding is also provided. The valve replacement cost in India is rated to be one among the lowest in the world.

To be full of energy or healthy, there needs to an abundant supply of oxygen. If the valve is damaged the ability to pump blood is reduced considerably. A valve replacement can restore the blood supply in your heart that benefits the rest of your body.

Follow up

Once the surgery is over you are likely to be checked 4 to 6 weeks after a post-operative visit. It is therefore necessary to be part of periodic check-ups as suggested by your heart specialist. If you have any symptoms clarify with your doctor or find out whether any additional check-up is needed or not. If you have any questions and face any unusual symptoms it is always better to clarified them by a doctor. The more you are in a support circle the process of recovery tends to be on the faster side. There is bound to be a bundle of energy within you as well.

How exercise or diet is going to aid in the process of recovery?

The two most important aspects of recovery are a balanced diet in combination with exercise. If the doctor has suggested a particular diet then it is better to follow it. If any specific diet has not been suggested then heart healthy nutrition could speed by the recovery process and less fatigue. Control of weight is also important and if you put on excess weight it slows down the recovery process whereas your heart works slow.

To conclude the key is to reduce as many uncomfortable symptoms that is possible. Here the doctor along with the health care team is going to assist you in the same. They are going to provide you options on leading a healthy life.

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