Flowers and Their Meanings

Flowers are one of the most non-controversial gifts ever known to us. If you are confused about what you should gift someone, just get them a nice bouquet of flowers and all will be well. Flowers are also great at expressing your emotions towards that person. Though it is never a bad time for gifting someone flowers, it would be better if you chose the flowers properly, as certain flowers have individual symbols and meanings. Particular flowers are meant for particular occasions.

Often finding specific flowers from your local florist might become a troublesome task for you. Instead you can take help of the internet and order the flowers online. Many online gift shops nowadays provide online flower delivery in Jaipur and many other places. You can order special and unique flowers online and gift them to your loved ones.

Some of the flowers have the following meanings:

  • Calla Lily– these flowers are a symbol of magnificence and beauty. These regal flowers come in a variety of colours which have separate meanings for themselves. The white ones represent purity and innocence. This makes them a popular option in weddings and also in funerals. The coloured calla lilies are normally smaller in size and are called mini calla lilies. The pink ones can represent admiration and appreciation, while the purple ones often mean passion or charm. The yellow ones on the other hand might mean happiness or gratitude while also imply falseness.
  • Carnation– these flowers are also known to be the godly flowers. Some Christian legends say that carnations were bloomed from Mary’s tears as Jesus was carrying the cross for his crucifixion. These flowers can also have varying meanings according to their colour. But in all carnations normally represent a woman’s beauty, pride, distinction, love and fascination. Pink carnations are often gifted on mother’s day as it symbolises a mother’s love. While the light red carnations show admiration, the dark red ones mean profound love.
  • Daisy– the daisy is one of the most popular flowers known. They represent purity, innocence, new beginnings and loyal love. The gerbera daisies specifically show cheerfulness. As daisies are filled with uplifting qualities, they make great get well soon presents or house warming gifts.
  • Gardenia– gardenias are great at expressing secret love. Gardenias are thought to express the thought, “you are lovely”. Thus these flowers make great gifts for the quintessential lover. They joy sweetness and purity.
  • Lilac– most lilacs are either coloured white or purple. They symbolise youthful innocence and confidence. White lilacs represent humility and purple lilacs represent first or new love. They are also great anniversary presents.
  • Lily– refined beauty is exemplifies by lilies. The white lilies are a sign for virginity and modesty which makes them popular in bridal bouquets. The orange ones represent passion.

In this way, you can choose which flower would suit which occasion. A well thought out gift makes a mark on the receiver’s mind. These online gifts shops are quite helpful in this manner. Online cake booking in Jaipur and many other facilities are provided by these gift shops.

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