Google AdWords is helping in PPC management

Five ways redesigned version of Google AdWords is helping in PPC management

Online marketers are actively using Google AdWords to increase sales of the products they are promoting via PPC Ads.  AdWords is a Google’s advertising system, which allows advertisers to bid on specific keywords for their clickable ads appearing in the search results of Google. Doubling the conversion rate via PPC campaign and reducing cost per conversion is the primary aim of every smart marketer. Whether you are newbie trying to run and manage PPC campaign for the first time or you are a professional marketer seeking to increase the conversion rate of an Ad campaign, consider implementing these tactics for efficient PPC management and maximum conversion rates.

Use new innovative features to maximise clicks and audience reach

After observing the changing consumer behaviour and growing needs of brands, redesigned AdWords have included several new features. Marketers who are using any of these features found significant rise in conversion rates. The newly added features are:

Promotion extension highlight limited time offers like discounts or holiday gifts without the need of creating new ads. It also frees up ad space to add unique content like a call to action and brand terms.

Ad variation is a fantastic feature that allows not only to make small changes in a text ad but also to review the performance of an altered ad. This sophisticated feature facilitates users to test the effects of this change across thousands of text ads in few clicks. It allows setting up variant ads for more than millions of ads in less than a minute. In case a variant show good performance, an account manager can quickly replace the original text ads with the new variant.

Opportunities page makes actionable recommendations and offers relevant insights and best practices to help brands to meet their business goals. Manager Account support ability to filter by category (like bids & budgets) facilitates to organise opportunities just in a few clicks.

Custom intent audiences help sellers to reach I-want-to-buy shoppers. Some buyers are actively searching for the specific products a vendor is selling. This feature makes it easier to reach potential buyers via Google Display Network and data obtained from a campaign, website and YouTube channels.

Use campaign drafts and experiments for testing campaign performance

Testing an AdWord campaign is a critical step in account optimisation. Campaign draft and experiment feature is an efficient way to propose and test changes for Search and Display Network campaigns. As its name suggests, draft feature is capable of preparing multiple changes without impacting the campaign performance. A draft is a copy of original campaign setup, which is used for making desirable changes. Once changes are made, these changes can be implemented over the original campaign, or an experiment is created to test the performance of draft campaign. Remember, if multiple drafts are made for a single campaign, only one draft will work at a time.

Try Smart Bidding for enhanced efficiency

Automated smart bidding features enable AdWords to deliver better and more informed bids in minimum time. Google machine learning powered this bidding tool. It automatically sets right bid for every auction and let marketers analyze and identify strategic opportunities to take essential initiatives.

Use location extensions to reach more shoppers

Location extensions with radius specification can show business address, hours of operations, phone number and map markers, which will help potential shoppers to find businesses, while they are on the go.  Besides these features, custom bid option also allows brands to bid higher and maximise their reach to potential customers. In short location extensions also enhances selection for business locations without using postal codes of entire region.

Download a mobile app & stay informed

AdWords app will keep marketers informed about the issues and opportunities in their account with timely alerts. They can easily stop campaigns to adjust budget and bids. Besides this, editing feature of app allows adding, editing and removing keywords on the go.

Conclusion: Though Adwords has been helping online marketers for PPC management in Dubai, redesigned version of AdWords tool has a potential to enhance success ratio.

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