Finding a Lawyer for Bounced Cheques in Gurgaon

When issuing a cheque on the name of an organisation or individual, there are certain guidelines that have to be followed. If one doesn’t follow these rules, the cheque bounces. Before understanding the concept of cheque bounce, let u first clear out our basics. The person who issues the cheque is referred to as drawer. And the person in whose name the cheque is issued is referred to as drawee. The cheque always has to be in writing. The name of the banker has to be mentioned on the cheque clearly. The cheque must be payable on demand.

Now, coming back to cheque getting bounced. Cheque is bounced or dishonoured when it gets rejected by the bank due to some reasons. Reasons for cheque getting bounced are: signature does not match with the one specified in the bank records, account was closed, some of the characters were overwritten in the cheque or the opening balance was not sufficient or cheque was cashed after three months of issue or the customer died or crossed cheque or lack of conviction in authenticity of the cheque or crossing the limit of the overdraft or mismatch in any of the figures mentioned in the cheque.

If your cheque is bounced, you have the facility to seek various legal remedies. In India, cheque getting bounced is a criminal offence. It is covered under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act. For instance, if your cheque bounced and was returned by the bank, before acting impulsively and filing a legal complaint, the standard procedure says to file a demand letter to the drawer thirty days from the date of issue of cheque. Now how does cheque bounce lawyer fir into the picture? See, you can file demand letter yourself but it is advisable that the demand letter is vetted by the cheque bounce lawyer. There are many lawyers for bounced cheque in Gurgaon. You have got to do some research work and find the one who suits your case the best. There are n number of statements that have to mentioned in the demand notice, you have to find the top advocate for cheque bounce in Gurgaon who will make sure that all these statements are specified.

You will find many links available on various websites which will provide you the basic guidelines that have to be considered when filing a demand notice or legal complaint for cheque bounce. But these guidelines are not a substitute for a cheque bounce, do not feel that your capabilities are being challenged, it’s just that those lawyers have been crafted for that purpose only. Lawyers for bounced cheques in Gurgaon are pretty efficient and will solve your case with utmost perfection. No article will guarantee that you will win your case if you follow those guidelines, so it is always suggested that you opt for a skilled cheque bounce lawyer. Consulting a lawyer will always prove beneficial. You just have to work towards finding the right lawyer.

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