Find The Right Signage For Your Business Promotion

With the overwhelming variety of outdoor signs flooding the market, it is natural to be confused about the right signage type for promoting your business.

Each type of sign comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know about the broad categories of signage types made by sign makers Harrow before choosing the right type for your business. Here is the most comprehensive guide on signage types that will make it easy for you to choose.

Signs mounted on buildings

These are among the oldest types of signs used but can be immensely helpful if done right. Some examples include awnings, parapet signs, roof signs, sign bands, and window signs. Basically, these are named by the portion of the building’s exterior they cover. These signs have a low cost and a fair to good visibility.

Signs that are freestanding

These signs do not require attachment to a building and can stand by themselves. These signs are also very conventional and old-school, but they haven’t lost their usefulness over time. These are commonly displayed at highways and entrances of buildings where they immediately catch the attention of the passer-by. Some examples are directional signs, joint tenant signs, pole signs, and pylon signs. These signs are cheaper than many other signs and can be very catchy.

Signs in the interior of buildings

One should not overlook the importance of signs placed inside establishments because this is where most people are more relaxed and attentive to notice them. Because these signs can be very specific, sign makers Harrow have a great variety of templates for these signs. Some examples of this type are directional signs that help in wayfinding, a point of purchase signs, mall signs, regulatory signs etc. These signs can be very helpful in guiding a prospective customer to your business.

Digital signs

Digital signs are often considered to be fruits of technology and they can be found everywhere these days. These signs typically require screens for displaying digital information. Examples of this type include signs in lobby areas, external signs, and video wall displays. These signs immediately catch the attention of the reader but are more expensive than other types of signs.

In addition to the above-mentioned sign types, many businesses opt for vehicle wraps that can be affixed on vehicles. Such signs are also very effective and they also have the advantage of being cheaper than other sign types. The choice of signage should be guided by the budget and the intended target audience.

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