Find Out Your Ideal Location to Buy Your Dream Apartments

Find Out Your Ideal Location to Buy Your Dream Apartments

Abbreviated as BSK, Banashanakari is a modern suburb near south Bangalore. It is a real estate hot spot in terms of recent developments which had taken place. Bangalore has always been the choice of destination for the tech savvy young job seekers, across the country. Therefore, the name silicon valley has been coined, showing us clearly the strategic importance of the place in terms of business and commerce. However, most parts of the city is known for its traffic congestion and travelling downtime. This is not the case with south Bangalore, which is just a little aloof from the hustle and bustle of the core city. Yet the development in terms of real estate and other amenities are commendable.

Banashankari is by far the biggest locality in Bangalore, which extends itself all the way up to Mysore road to Kanakpura road. The region is bounded by Basavangudi in the north, followed by Padmanabhanagar, Basavangudi and ISRO Layout in the south. The entire area is demarcated by six stages, phases and block, in which the 2nd stage is the most happening one. Banashankari 2nd stage is the home to famous cricketer Shri Anil Kumble. Other eminent personalities include Mr Devegowda and P.C Mohan. Naturally areas adjacent to their home will be having high real estate values. In terms of security, the area is 2nd to none, with round the clock police patrolling. It is also a tourist hotspot, the place is well known for its hills and temples like Varasiddhi Vinayaka temple and Venkateshwara Temple. Devotees from around the country visit these ancient masterpieces. So, it will be worthwhile for your family’s elderly couple to enjoy a nice evening arathi here.

Unlike the 1st and 3rd stage, apartments in Banashankari 2nd stage are known for its cosmopolitan culture, where, people from all over the country reside in harmony. If you are a first time apartment buyer, from any other part of the country, then this surely is the right place for you. Although there are huge developments in the area, the real estate price is well within each of young corporate executives.  There are apartments from all price range and amenities, to choose from, as per the choice of the buyer. Most of the developers in the area offer extra benefits to attract customers. There are offers and discounts available, along with tailor made loan benefits for home buyers.

If you are a First time home buyer, then congratulation, you have come to the right place. It is advisable for you to go for apartments which are nearing completion. This will ensure few benefits, which you will not want to miss. Firstly, an under construction apartment will not be priced along the same lines of a fully constructed project. Second benefit that you may derive from the deal is flexible loan repayment option. Most of the under construction projects, offers the benefit of EMI repayment only after taking possession of the apartment. Therefore, if you book today, you will actually start paying only after you take possession of the apartment. This will buy you extra bit of time, to plan your finances accordingly. Some developers also offer the facility of loan repayment after one year of possession of apartment.

In Banashankari, there are many banks and financial institutions, which are willing to offer flexi loan to the borrowers. In totality the area is a mini world for its residents, as the same has all the modern amenities and luxury of a metropolitan city. The cosmopolitan culture in the place has led to the mushrooming of restaurants and eateries, like Pizza Hut, Mehifil, Jcubez and many more to suite your taste buds.  If you want a quiet gate way, sipping a cup of nice coffee in chilly Bangalore weather, then make sure to try out the coffee shops around the area. They serve really good snacks and coffee, along with lovely sitting arrangement. In terms of your child education, you will never have to think outside the stage 2, as the same is home to some of the best schools of the town, like JSS public school, Sri Aurobindo Memorial School, Planet kids and many more. In terms of hospital some of the trusted groups like Apollo, can be found at a stone throwing distance.


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