chicken seekh kebab recipe in Hindi

Most Famous Kebab Recipes From Around the Globe

Meat on a stick which is often referred as Kebabs is one of the most favoured recipes across the globe. Easy and quick to grill and equally easy and quick to eat whether you want to have it as an evening supper or prepare something for guests. Not only just meat even vegetarian items are also stuck on a skewer and grilled.

The kebab through hails its origin from Arabic culture and meat kebabs used to be the most favoured dishes there. It has now become popular all across the globe and in every region, they have their own style of cooking making grilled food items a must have in the list of foodies. Among the entire range of kebab dishes, one that scores heavily is chicken seekh kebab recipe in Hindi. Though there are various other dishes as well but this one stands out. Let’s have a look at some of the best kebab recipes from across the globe:

  1. Skewers or Ground Lamb: A traditional and old Middle East recipe. A unique trick is involved in its cooking to make the meat hard as this is how it is preferred in that part of the world. You can have these kebabs alone or if you want you can serve it with yogurt sauce.
  2. TikkaBoti: The dish is arguably one of the best-grilled dishes from South Asia. In this recipe, kebabs are soft and tender and are filled with flavour. To tenderize minced papaya is also used. To prepare this dish long metal skewers are used and are served in big plates. Chicken, Pork, or Lamb are used as meat.
  3. Chicken Seekh Kebab: Chicken seekhs are moulded into skewers and are spiced well and the finished product is spicy food lover’s delight. Chicken Seekh Kebab recipe in Hindi is easily available across various platforms and you can easily prepare this dish at home as well. Off late this dish has become popular in various parts of the world and can be easily available not just in Asian countries but in other continents as well.
  4. Marinated Vegetable Kebabs: There’s something for the vegetarians as well. Veggie Kebabs make a great side dish. This easy to made kebabs can be a great addition to your dinner table.
  5. Chicken Yakitori: This comes straight from the roadside restaurants of Japan. This dish is a conventional style Japanese’s Kebab dish made his various Japanese flavours which is mostly served by rod side food vendors and served with chilled beer.
  6. Chicken Tikka Kebab: Now this is a traditional Indian recipe for grilled chicken. A lot of rich marinades is used in its preparation and spiced well to give it a unique flavour. These kebabs make a delicious meal.

Kebabs are more of a party thing than a normal food item. If you have arranged a get together at home you can certainly try the above-mentioned grilled meat and vegetable kebabs. These are generally served as a starter and can drool your taste buds right from the word go.


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