The exotic Paneer in palak

The Exotic Paneer in Palak

Paneer, the Indian term for cottage cheese is the common man’s comfort food and a vegetarian’s safe haven. Yes, Paneer is loved by one and all from young to old. What makes paneer more loved is its compatible nature as it can be cooked with spices, lentils, leafy vegetables and so on. Paneer tikka, paneer butter masala, paneer roll is amongst the few most loved paneer dishes. But the queen of all paneer dishes is the one and only Palak Paneer, because of its richness in texture, flavour and taste, it enhances your taste buds to a whole new level leaving you oodles of happiness after completing a meal with it.

The famous Palak Paneer

So what is this Palak paneer? From where did it originate? Well, it is one of the most popular dishes of the Indian cuisines. It is basically a vegetarian gravy dish prepared with spinach and cube sized cut paneer, this exotic Indian dish originates from the Punjabi cuisine, which is by far the best part of all cuisines found in India. What makes this dish everybody’s favourite is the fact that spinach and paneer besides being nutritious is also delectable to taste and flavour. This dish is undoubtedly a treat to the eyes, the green colour of the spinach and serene white paneer forms a dreamy sight, impossible to ignore and let go without tasting. Palak paneer is such afamous dish that there isn’t any recipe book that would not contain its recipe. Now the cookery books have palak paneer recipe in hindi for all those ladies who feel more comfortable reading recipes in Hindi because that way they get a better understanding of the spices and the procedure of preparation. Better understanding of ingredients adds to the exotic taste of the dish.If you want to have very soft paneer that mixes well with gravy of palak, soak them in hot water for 10 minutes after a shallow frying.

The Nutritious Palak Paneer

  • Do not overcook spinach in order to preserve the nutrients in Spinach is high in iron,vitamins A & C and even calcium.
  • Spinach is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, which improves your metabolism helping you burn calories at a faster rate.
  • According to ayurveda, bitter leafy greens like spinach have a stimulating effect ondigestion.
  • Spinach leaves are high in protein, calcium, and carotenes–and, hence, a vital component of a healthy vegetarian diet.
  • Spinach is also beneficial for skin and hair, bone health.
  • Spinach improves your brain function and is great for your eyes.
  • Paneer is rich in protein, vitamin B12, and calcium–and easier to digest than other cheeses.
  • Vitamins B complex, present in paneer, are essential for the formation and strengthening of cartilage in children, women (pregnant andlactating) and men.
  • Paneer is a great source of calcium, which is helpful in maintaining strong teeth andbones.

So next time you have guests coming over or it’s that all veg day of the week, you know what to serve at the dinner table at night. Make that greeny creamy paneer and put up a smile on your near and dear ones face.


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