Evolution of the Multimedia Industry

Evolution of the Multimedia Industry

Today we are streaming movies on our laptops and smartphones all the time (on sites like Couch Tuner) but there was a time when forget about laptop or tablet, even television was not available. If you start thinking from that phase, it is true that the entertainment and multimedia industry has come a long way, fighting a lot many hurdles.

Today, we will discuss the journey of the multimedia industry.

  1. Radio Broadcasting

Radio is described as the communication over radio waves. Radio is still in practice, but there was a time when there were no TV and Computer, and Radio was the only form of communication then. The invention of the radio involved many brains. Like, in 1820, Hans Christian Orsted invented the basics of electricity and magnetism. Later James Clerk Maxwell developed the electromagnetic theory and forecasted the presence of electromagnetic waves. But it is Guglielmo Marconi who first created a whole device for the purpose of distant communication. This device was later named radio. In the early 20’th century, people would listen to everything on the radio. Radio was then the only medium of getting news and emergency updates from all over the world. Though radio was banned shortly during World War I, the ban was lifted post-war. Many small stations were being opened using various technologies which were developed during the World War I. Many of these stations would broadcast religious programs, sports programs, news etc. Even commercials were broadcasted on radio first. Many business and departmental stores would broadcast their commercials on the radio in order to promote their products. The time between 1930 to 1950 is known as the Golden age of radio. In this phase, the big economic crisis called Great Depression took place, and radio did its best to make the most of its communicating tool. More and more people all over the world embraced radios in this era.

  1. The Television

Television was not invented in a single day. From the early 20’th century to the mid 20’th century, radio has served people hugely. But the world required a medium where they can get visual benefits along with sound. The first effort of making such a medium was done back in 1800, with the development of Cathode Ray Tube. Then with periodic improvements, in 1928, the first television broadcasting took place. Though there are a lot of names behind this wonder called television, the three main names we get to here are, Philo Fransworth, John Logie Baird, and Charles Francis Jenkins. Television has evolved with time. Earlier you could only watch movies in black and white medium, then color medium came and today we can watch enjoy watching smart TV.

  1. Online Streaming

Online movie and TV shows streaming is the present and future. With the presence of internet and devices like laptop, tablet, smartphone, movie streaming has become easier than ever. Now we hardly watch movies in theatres or on television and enjoy them on our laptop and mobile phones, all day long.

This was more or less a brief description of the journey and evolution of the entertainment industry. If you want to read more about online movie streaming, visit layerpoint.com now.

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