The quality of the report of the company and the message that it conveys not only shows the company’s corporate health but it also establishes the image of the brand and credibility it has in the eyes of the shareholders, future customers, potential investors, and competitors.  An annual report is a comprehensive report on the company’s activities throughout the preceding year. Annual reports are the ones intended for giving shareholders and other people who are interested, information about the activities of the company and its financial performance. Proofreaders are a valuable part of the project.

During the annual report process a proof-reader may be used to check that corrections have been taken in correctly and they are often used at the end of the production process as a skilled ‘fresh eye’. Their role is not to re-edit, re-structure or re-write. As the writer of a document or a company report, it’s harder to spot any errors in it. The writer will know what he meant to say and so the brain will conveniently skip over missing words, typos and jumbled sentences. For this reason, it’s always best to get someone else to provide English proofreading to the work. A company’s report is for an internal or external audience, and thus one needs to make sure that the writing is accurate. This means always checking the work thoroughly. Proofreaders are involved in the details of the report. They check every possible detail to make it accurate for the readers.

Proofreaders will check page numbers are consecutive and running headers and footers are correct. The consistency will be ensured – particularly of the hyphenation and alternative spellings – by following a supplying style guide or simply by compilation of their own. Identifying the necessary changes and mark them in the copy. Proofreaders will check for typographical and design inconsistencies as well as textual ones. He will check or insert numbers in cross-references.  Eliminating bad words, line, column and page breaks are also done by him. The proof-reader will ensure that illustrations and their captions and labels correspond with each other and with the text.

Liaise with the copy editor and/or the author to resolve queries or bring them to the client’s attention. Lastly he will mark up changes in a clear manner that makes them easy for the designer to take in, and therefore be less costly. Proofreading services is the same to business communication as polishing and buffing is to the business of woodworking: one little blemish can detract the entire piece which can cause the overall impression to suffer. Mistakes and imperfections in any kind of work convey carelessness, and in the workplace, the stakes are even higher. A piece ridden with spelling, grammatical errors, and punctuation is difficult to read and also undermines the authority and credibility one probably has worked hard for achieving. So apart from the main body or the main content of the document, it is important to take care of lot of other things to make the document a perfect and a professional one. Proofreaders do this job.

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