Do You Think Epilator Better Than Shaving?

If you have passion for beauty, passion for smooth and glazy skin, then you must go for thinking of removing hair from your skin. If it is your first time of hair removal, then sure a question will arise in your mind which one is better- use of epilator or shaving. If nobody helps you by giving you a proper guide or if you think to go any beauty parlor for taking the advice of this simple issue, then stop for a single time and got for this article. Your every query is here.

What is epilation and shaving:  Before using epilator first know what is epilation, how it is done and is it really helpful than shaving or not, though both relate to the removal of unwanted hair from the skin.

  • Epilation: Epilation is a simple process through which entire unwanted hair is removed from your skin. It stops hair growth from the root. In this method, a significant part of your hair is plucked. This removal of hair is more permanent than the other process of hair removal. So, it is the most popular method of hair plucked. Epilation is a far better method than using a saver. This epilation is done by the epilator.
  • Shaving: It is also a process of removal of unwanted hair from the skin by using razors. It is also termed as depilation. Under shaving, hair is cut or trimmed only on the skin level, not from the root. Thus hair starts growing after a few days. You have to remove the hair again. This repetitive process stiff the hair and become hair coarse.

What is an epilator: Simply it is anelectronic device which is mostly similar to an electric shaver or razor. An epilator pulls all of your unwanted hair from the root thereby clean the skin. In modern time almost all women both in the parlor or home use this device for hair removal. It is not a lot messy or more painful. It is handy as well as a lightweight device which does not cause any cuts or injury. EpilatorsRecommend can help you to choose the best model of your need.

Why you should use an epilator: Epilation is better thanshaving as it removes hair from the areas like arms, legs, underarms and your bikini area. Benefits of using epilator are-

  • Buying of epilator is a one-time investment.
  • It is convenient to operate, just by pressing a button you can start removing hair.
  • You can remove hairs from a smaller part of your body.
  • If you consider the time it is a time-consuming device.
  • Use of it is easy and straightforward.

Lastly, if you ask which one is the best option for removing hair then epilating is the best one as it is not more painful and remove hair more effectively. If you are the first user, you will feel some fear to operate it, but with the passage of time love will grow on it and you never think of other processes except epilator to remove your unwanted hair.



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