Discussion on the Budget Today

Discussion on the Budget Today

While discussing the budget in the assembly session, the Opposition can disagree on several issues, including rising debt and employment. Chief Minister Jairam Thakur will have a two-day repeal of the budget on Friday. Increasing the income resources in the budget discussion can also highlight the issue of indecision on the old pension plan, including employment. Before the session, the BJP and the Congress Legislature Party will formulate the strategy.

There is a possibility that the opposition appears to be aggressive during the budget session. The Opposition, opposing the first two-day walkout and signature walkout on the third day, remained silent only during presenting the budget of the Chief Minister. After the budget, the opposition’s statement is clear that in the coming days, there will be a lot of ruckus in the House.

Congress Legislative Party leader Mukesh Agnihotri has already cleared that nothing is special in the budget. The silence of the government on issues such as mounting debt, income generating, unemployment allowance, is the opposite of the opposition. However, the party will also do homework on the first day. In response to the opposition on the economic front, preparations have been made to counter the opposition on other issues.

Season will start from noon, two offers

The budget session will begin on Monday at two o’clock. The budget is scheduled to be discussed in the session, in which it is decided to be wise and counterattack on both sides. Apart from this, a proposal for nomination of members of the Himachal Pradesh Co-operative Council and the board members of the State Technical University will be brought in the House.


Congress MLAs will cover the unemployment allowance on the unemployment allowance Monday, on the unemployment allowance to the ruling party in the Assembly. In the budget speech of Chief Minister Jayaram Thakur, the situation regarding unemployment allowances is not clear. In the budget speech, the skill development allowance for the youth has been told. The former Congress government had announced the unemployment allowance for the youth in its final budget. It has been given unemployment allowance of 1000 to 1500 to the youth.

However, due to no mention of unemployment allowance in the budget of Jayaram Thakur, Congress MLAs opposed it on the day of the budget. In his budget speech, Jairam has said that skill training should be given for the employment of Scheduled Caste, Other Backward Classes, Minority, Divyang, Single Female Widow. It has been said that the family income is less than 3 lakh per annum.

Training and free coaching will be provided through Himachal University. CM said that Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Rural Skill Scheme has been asked to be implemented at the cost of 77 crore.

It will provide employment to 65 thousand youth by providing skills. Jairam has mentioned in his budget speech that the former government had said in the election manifesto that he would give unemployment allowance to all the unemployed youth of Himachal. But taking the decision to complete the announcement. This allowance was given to 21000 youth in the last three months.

There is no provision in the budget to deal with monkeys.

Jairam Government has announced several schemes and projects for farmers and gardens by 2022, and the farmers have declared schemes to save crops from monkeys. Didnot make provision. Actually, if the farmers’ organizations believe that thousands of farmers-Baghavans have left farming-gardening due to monkeys. Thousands of hectares of fertile land are becoming deteriorating.

During the last nearly twelve years in almost every assembly session, some legislators from all political parties raised the issue regarding dealing with monkeys and the government has given assurance every time. Terror in monkeys has been a major issue in the last three elections. This is the reason that whether either BJP or Congress, both parties have made provisions in the financial budget of each year to deal with the terror of monkeys after coming into government.

But Jairam Sarkar has not given any concrete tactics to tackle monkeys. This is when Congress legislator Anirudh Singh came to the discussion on March 8 to discuss the terror of the monkeys and the legislators of both parties participated in it. During the assembly session on Monday, when the budget debate starts, it will be seen to see what the government brings about the issue of monkey problem and doubling the income of farmers.

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