Choose Neutral Colors and See How

Choose Neutral Colors and See How

One of the trends we have seen in recent years in interior decoration is the neutral color palette. Interpreted in different ways, this popular palette is undoubtedly the easiest way to work if we want to change things a little and boost our space a bit without departing from the basics.

There are many reasons why the owners of a home choose a neutral color palette, but the truth is that it is based solely on practicality. Our home is a place where we come out at the end of a tiring day, and it is important to have a place that will offer a total mood change. No other color palette is doing this, except the palette of neutral tones. Here are two neutral color palettes that will work well in every house style: cool neutral in gray scale and warm neutral in tones of black or brown graduations.

Gray has become one of the trendiest colors in recent years. While she seems to have died in fashion, the gray reigns in the interior decoration of the houses. From the bedroom to the kitchen and the living room, different shades of gray, from the lightest to the darker, play together to create interesting results.

Many different ways to add grays to your interior can start from a painting on the wall to the addition of metal decorative elements or even with building materials such as concrete.

The cold neutral color

A basic tip when decorating your interior with gray is to keep in mind that your home should have elements that give warmth. While gray may become rather cold and glowing by itself, combining it with different textures such as raw wood and leather, it will give a special personality. However, if you want to soften shades, use warm colors such as cream, brown, beige and pink. For example, if you want to paint grey the kitchen walls, then you should choose to add some colorful art tiles that will make a great contrast with them.

The warm neutral color

Warm neutral shades are also based on natural tones. As an alternative to gray, coffee or black gradients such as light brown, beige and pale pink can give you the warmth you desire. Whether you want to create a state-of-the-art style or a sense of old, neutral colors can equally apply to every room. So if you want to use those warm colors, you will be able to do one more contrast in the room you prefer to add them.

A disadvantage with this strong trend in the neutral pallet is the high risk of your interior appearing mild. To avoid this, add small touches of other colors to bring the enthusiasm to space. You can also add metallic ornaments to bring it to life. The gold and bronze accessories are ideally suited and really fit with neutral color palettes.

It needs to be mentioned that with the neutral color palette it’s hard to fall out in the decor. The beauty of the neutral palette lies in its simplicity, elegance, and its versatility. You can add several pieces of furniture in the place that are going to be really fancy and you are not going to think if they fit the place or not, because it is absolutely sure that they are going to.

The secret to working in both cold and warm neutral tones is the textures. Play with textures, materials, and designs to create exciting spaces of special aesthetics. The choice of the curtains, the pillows or the carpet on the floor is really important to the way your house will eventually look. Just be creative and follow your own needs and wills.

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