Bronze Color is Making Your House More Elegant Than it is

They say that whatever fashion is out there, either in decoration or in clothes, in cinema or in cars, is influenced by the developments and events that happen on the planet. And since we live in the age of the crisis, everything around us would not be affected by it.

But how does the crisis affect the decoration? In two ways! Either with excessive and extreme decorative style, due to reaction to the crisis, or with poor, minimal and simple decoration, as a support for the general climate prevailing.

This year, we will see both of these types of decoration. The decoration based on the use of old, vintage materials is influenced by the economic crisis and specialist say that the reason that fashion returns to vintage is because the planet is in a financial crisis that returns us back to earlier times. They use items that they used to do in the past and they create a space that reminds them of the old time when things where pretty much the same as now.

On the other hand, the crisis needs a reaction, and for this reason we see too much fashion styles with excessive decoration based on expensive materials, without necessarily being high-priced.

The bronze decoration that this year is very fashionable is based on this too much philosophy. Metals in general help us to make a house look more luxurious and elegant without necessarily being. Besides, according to the feng shui, the metals, and especially gold, help to enhance the feeling of abundance.

The bronze shade manages to combine vintage style with modern.

But how do you can add bronze shades in the decoration of your home without showing excessive and fake?

Dining Room

One of the most beautiful places you can decorate with bronze is the dining room. Putting 4 or 6 bronze chairs with metal legs and a lamp or a bronze light, you have created a complete result and a very special space. You can also prefer to have a table in darker shades that is going to be contrasted with the whole area, giving you an amazing result.


When it’s about the kitchen area, you can change the fountains and make them bronze and add a beautiful bronze curtain. Instantly the space will show warmer. If you want a dose of luxury, add bronze lamps or other decorative items with bronze details. You can also add some design tiles in those shades an make your kitchen wall look elegant and fancy too.


In the bathroom area, there are many things that can be done in bronze shades. In fact, this color fits well into this space. You can also change the fountains in bronze, and a bronze bathtub that will give you the luxury sense you want in the room. However if you cannot afford it, you can provide the area with decorative items in bronze shades, such as towels or the carpet of the bathroom. If you want to make your space look different, you don’t have to think about the money, you just need to be creative.


The bronze is a color that fits into a room in detail rather than occupying large surfaces. So choose decorative bronze shades, such as lamps, vases, candles, curtains and pillows. This way you can transform any area you like in a smart way, with beautiful bronze touches.

You may be a victim of this crisis, but this doesn’t mean that you need to give up on your hopes or forget the way you used to live. It’s all about how we can handle any difficult situation. Just be creatve.

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