Brennan and Clark – An Insight into The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is held once in every 4 years for sporting events practiced on snow and ice. France was the host for the first Winter Olympics held in Chamonix in 1924. The events that are held today have been inspired by the first Olympic games that were conducted in the 8th Century in Greece. The International Olympic Committee was established in 1894 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

Brennan and Clark- original disciplines of the Winter Olympics

Brennan and Clark is a leading collection agency in the USA and its team of experts have a keen interest in sports and games as well. When they are not busy with debt collection, they keep themselves tuned in to major sporting events like The Winter Olympics for recreation and knowledge.

Performance and medals

Originally there were 5 disciplines in the Winter Olympics. Today, they have been broken down into 9 disciplines. They cover curling, ice hockey, bobsleigh, Nordic skiing, skating, cross country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined. Since 1924, the Winter Olympics were held every 4 years. However, the Second World War interrupted this event for a period of time. It could not be held in 1940 and 1944. However, the Winter Olympics resumed in 1948 and till 1992 both the Summer and Winter Olympics were conducted in the same year. However, there was a decision passed in 1986 by the International Olympic Community where the Summer and Winter Olympics would henceforth be held in separate 4 years. The Winter Olympics would be held after every 4 years and would take place in a year that had an even number. For example, the subsequent Winter Olympics held after 1992 was in the year 1994.

The Winter Olympics 2018

The Winter Olympics 2018 was held between 9th to 25th February at PyeongChang in South Korea. This year there were 102 games in 15 sports. USA however could not perform very well this year due to poor performance. This is the first time in 20 years that the USA failed to perform as per the expectations of the world. There were of course small triumphs of memorable celebrations however the nation could have fared better in some events.

Notable moments for the USA

However, there were some really memorable moments for the USA when Lindsey Vonn went on to become the oldest female alpine skiing medalist in the USA. The country managed to rise from 6th to 4th place when it came to total medals earned.

Brennan and Clark experts say that the USA has had some proud moments like winning 2 gold medals since 1976 in the field of cross country skiing by females. They managed to earn 23 medals and about 242 team members that is quite a good number. However, USA could have performed better as it has the talent and the scope to rise over all nations and emerge a winner. This year the event is over. Fans have to wait for another 4 years and keep their fingers crossed that USA will perform really well this time!

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