Blue Collar Crimes Represented in the Best Way by Joe Tacopina

Blue Collar Crimes Represented in the Best Way by Joe Tacopina

The most obvious crimes committed anywhere around the world, is considered as a blue collar crime. Similar to the basis of the blue-collar jobs and the white-collar jobs, this category of crime also has the same basis. Depending on the class of job of an individual, those belonging to a lower rank job and perpetrating a crime there are said to have committed a blue collar crime and those in a white collar job commit a white collar crime. Joe Tacopina is a member of the New York Council of Defense Lawyers is a veteran in such legal proceedings; his expertise has even helped earn the fame of ‘Man of the Year’ by the National Italian American Bar Association.

It is primarily the disparity in the social hierarchy that brings about the difference in the blue-collar and white-collar crimes. The range of opportunities presented before the criminal also vary greatly between the two types of crimes. The criminals who have less access to finances, the crime becomes a blue-collar one, while those to have easy access to high money resources, it automatically becomes a white-collar crime, such as a financial fraud or scam.

On the contrary a blue-collar crime is for the most part a kind of misdemeanor, and may or may not be violent. It can be as simple as a case of shop-lifting or destruction at some premises. However, a case of armed robbery can also be considered under a clue-collar crime. These criminal offenses are mostly punishable to the extent of being imprisoned for some time, or giving of an amount of money as a fine, just as is done in the case of a misdemeanor.

But again, a case of hit and run, crimes in drug dealing and similar things are also considered as blue-collar crimes and are subject to a more serious punishment. When the crime committed and its implications are of a graver nature, a felony can become a blue-collar crime. Since the number of such crimes is in huge numbers, the police are mostly assigned such cases, while for corporate sectors, they have their own insiders or law police to fish out the criminals and make their workplace, crime free. They, however, expect some kind of reward in return for their services.

Joe Tacopina is a high profiled attorney who has tried more than 80 cases of all kinds of crime by the age of 42. His state-of-the-art approach to all criminal cases has brought him recognition with the Super Lawyers. He is the President, Chairman and a Board member of Venezia F.C., and is also the founder and managing partner at Tacopina & Seigal based in Manhattan. He has the credit of having defended the former head the New York Police Department. His excellence in representing and defending successfully has earned him high profile clients and opportunities, such as actors and television channels.

It is legal professionals like him who are the most capable in handling varied cases of law effortlessly and most efficiently.

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