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About Microsoft office

Microsoft office is a suite of products specially designed by Microsoft corporation.Desktop users have many different options for Microsoft Office suites intended for students, home users, small businesses and corporations.It has include various different type programs like that Microsoft word,excel,Access,Publisher,PowerPoint and outlook.every program play different role for different function.Microsoft office is the most common form of software used in the western world.Microsoft office suite is accessible in 35 different types of language and its support by Mac,Window,Linux variant.
Each Microsoft Office application serves as a different learning or office area, for example:

Microsoft Word:Microsoft word is a leading word processing software, which is generally used for office and personal. User use this app for any documentation work like MS office to make Resume, Typing Latter, Basic information, making simple project for Education, word document.

Microsoft Excel:This is an official spreadsheet application called the Word Calculator, which is used for all types of math calculation. Excel spreadsheets are commonly used for daily financial data recording and analysis and are basically spreadsheet functions for creating workbooks, worksheets, inputting data, and using formulas
Microsoft Access: It is called DBMS. Database management software to manage all company-related data, employee records, and extensive information. You can use access database to create reports and database records

Microsoft PowerPoint:Power Point is a very useful and interesting official presentation included with the Microsoft Office Package. You can use to create slideshows, on-screen projects, web-based displays, create a project, write textbooks for students, and create project companies. This software is designed specifically for presentations. Easily you can animate albums. Each page in the slide is called a “slideshow.”

How Microsoft office is beneficial for us:

Microsoft office Suitesis not for personal use but equally for large or small businesses.Here are some important points to understand the benefits and benefits of using the latest Microsoft productivity suite
Cloud Integration

If your documents and data are stored in the cloud, they are very safe compared to when stored on your hard drive. MS Office is fully integrated with SkyDrive, which means that whenever you have an Internet connection, you have easy access to and execution of file activities

Read Mode

As a useful and valuable addition to the latest version of MS Office, the new “read mode” will allow users to read documents in an easy-to-read environment. The only downside is that text can not be changed while you are in “read mode”

Any time Any where Access

Microsoft Office 2013 provides e-mail access to the web, basic documents, contacts and calendars on virtually any device, including PCs, desktops, iPhones. It allows you to work anywhere and any place, allowing you to immediately respond to important requests from anywhere in any country.

Safety and Security

For Microsoft Office users, the most important benefit is due to security. All the data stored in the cloud, it is one of Microsoft’s own data collection centers. This extends real-time scanning of messages and documents such as viruses and malware, as well as other security regulations that follow multiple industry standards.

Tablet- Friendly

MS Office is tablet-friendly, distinct earlier versions of Office. Mobile users can use the suit on their tablet without any problems or inconvenience.

Simple Editing

In MS Office edition, user easily edit our file.And also you can now edit PDF files using Office, which wasn’t older edition.

Add Videos to Documents

Microsoft Office online, which allows users to easily convert videos in the form of your content; it allows you to search for suitable videos within the software application you are using.

Following some Highlights of Microsoft office 2016

  • Integrate Skype in the app
  • Created in Word, One Note and PowerPoint
  • Office 365 groups are now integrated into Outlook 2016
  • Outlook 2016 offers the “smartest inbox, lightning fast.”low priority mail are automatic removed.
  • Latest feature add on i.e publishing to Power BI and new chart types
  • Multifactor Rights
  • prevention of lost data for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook
  • Official data protection for the Office Mobile apps for Windows 10

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