The Best Souvenirs to Buy on Your Manali Tour

The best way to encompass a beautiful journey is to buy a souvenir from the place that you visit. You can use this souvenir as a perishable delicacy or as an evergreen decorative item in your home. Here are a few things that you must be on a lookout for if you are planning onvisiting Manali soon.

Make sure that your Manali tour package allows you to explore the popular local markets for a shopping extravaganza.

The Best of Manali Hand Book

The Manalihandbook is a must-buy item in case you are backpacking through Manali without the help of a tour guide. This book consists of all the different locations that you must explore during your trip at least once. It also contains quirky facts and figures about these tourist destinations that will intrigue your mind.

Honey and Apricot Oil

Honey and Apricot oil is the most famous item that you can purchase from the Solang Valley. The honey here is great for massage as well as consumption with milk. Also, these items are available for cheap prices than at a conventional supermarket in the city.


Chingu is by far one of the most popular items in Manali. The cloth of Chingu (a type of blanket) is said to have a special property of offering heat in winters and provide a cool experience in summers. You must be very careful in selecting a Chingu blanket for yourself. The typical cost of a Chingu is not more than 1100 Rs. However, a few supermarket stores might try to sell you one at a significantly larger price by claiming that it has special healing powers.


Manali is famous for producing unadulterated and cheap saffron. You can find several street vendors as well as huge shops selling saffron. It is a good idea to stick to the guidance of an expert tour guide who can judge and assess the quality of saffron.

It is a good idea to rely on the guidance of a government-certified shopkeeper to buy costly items like saffron and dry fruits. The street vendors may offer you fake products at the fraction of the cost of an original item. A good Manali tour package will put you in touch with a reliable tourist guide who will take you to the correct places to shop.

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