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All the Best Qualities an Incredible Shanghai Accommodation Provides

Planning your next vacation brings you to Shanghai – a dazzling place where seeing the Oriental Peak Tower and the Yu Garden makes you jump for joy. But more than seeing those views, there are still plenty of exciting things to do in this place. But of course, your trip will never be complete without considering a worthwhile hotel.

By talking about hotels, Shanghai has plenty of them. But the best shanghai hotel to stay should only be the option to take. As a tourist, it is your job to know what you are getting to a specific hotel. To help you with that, here are the best qualities a worthwhile accommodation needs to have.

Astonishing Views

What you want to see must all be inside that specific hotel. Gorgeous views make your stay enjoyable. This is a common feature which is rated at the top of the list by a lot of tourists.

Convenient Location

Location absolutely matters with accommodations so you have to spend some time in marveling around areas of the hotel to see if it is convenient enough for you and your needs. Get yourself an accommodation which is just a few minutes’ drive from shopping centers and coffee shops. Additionally, it is best to set yourself to where shuttle transportation is nearby.

Comfort and Luxury All In One

It is great to bring yourself to a hotel which makes you feel at home. For great hotels, they need to make their guests feel comfortable. It is pretty nice staying in a hotel which feels like home such as having a ready breakfast every morning while reading the morning paper.

Straightforward Services

A worthwhile hotel should be providing guests with extra work without asking for additional fees. It is best to find an accommodation where the Wi-Fi connection is free and some extra bath towels are given. You must also not miss checking all the provided entertainment such as culinary events, fitness programs, and water parks. Furthermore, you must never ignore cleanliness. It is best to find a hotel which is clean and orderly, starting from the dining halls and right on to the washrooms.

Incredible Staff

A wonderful stay matters most and hotel staff is part of it. It is best to find a hotel where the staff greets you and treats your warmly. Your stay is surely worth it when facing this kind of people. And of course, when talking about amazing staff, you have to check their characteristics. A good hospitality employee is someone who is:

  • Enthusiastic in providing customers with the best experience.
  • Committed to guarantee satisfaction of their guests.
  • Thorough in perceiving complaints among their customers.
  • Communicative to effectively understand guests.
  • Organized by always staying on top of their tasks.


Finding the best shanghai hotel to stay is a bit difficult task as there are plenty of options to choose from. With the cut-throat competition and also with the increasing demand for businesses, hotel characteristics are wiped out. But of course, there are still some of these accommodations which always stick to their principles and that is to offer quality services to their customers. You only need to check out these characteristics so choosing is much easier to make.

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