Benefits of opening a company FD account in 2019

From the past few quarters, FD interest rates have constantly been moving upward. This trend is expected to continue in the year 2019 as well because of the rising crude prices and the falling rupee. If you are risk-averse, and wish to make the most of higher interest rates, deposit your savings in a company FD as its interest rate tends to increase faster than that of a bank FD. The financial year 2018-19 is about to end in less than 3 months, so you can invest in an FD to build your financial portfolio and gain from a valuable corpus too.

Here is a list of some reasons you must consider investing in a company FD.

  • For higher return on your investments

By investing in a FD, you can earn higher returns as against a regular savings account. To earn from FD interest rates up to 9.10% in case you are a senior citizen or up to 8.75% interest when you are below the age of 60 years, you can invest in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit. With the ongoing financial reforms, you can earn more interest with a company FD account in 2019 as compared to a bank FD.

  • For assured returns on your investments

Investments like mutual funds, stocks, bonds and others are likely to witness huge ups and downs in the year 2019. Thus, as compared to these investments, you can earn guaranteed returns on a fixed deposit as it is unaffected by the market fluctuations. When you invest in a Bajaj Finance FD, you need not stress about your returns as these deposits are rated high on safety and stability by ICRA and CRISIL’s MAAA and FAAA rating.

  • For a flexible tenor that suits your goals

With a company FD, you are free to choose a flexible tenor ranging from 12 months to 60 months as per your financial needs. Based on your goals for the year, you can invest in an FD for a particular period and you can also ladder your investments to increase your liquidity while staying invested.

  • For managing the risk in your portfolio

Financial instruments like gold, shares, bonds, mutual funds, and others may provide good returns, but are also risky as they depend on market conditions. To bring about a balance in your portfolio, investing in an FD becomes essential. By investing in FDs, you can manage your financial risk efficiently.

  • For catering to your urgent financial needs

As you invest in long-term financial instruments, also keep an eye on those avenues that give you liquidity, should you require funds for emergencies. A company FD works well in this regard as it not only offers you premature withdrawals, but also allows you to pledge the FD for a loan. With a loan against FD offered by issuers like Bajaj Finance, you can cater to last-minute needs like a medical emergency or business expansion without selling your investment and losing out on your FD returns.

Choose to invest in a profitable investment avenue such a company FD now that you now its benefits. This way you can start the new financial year by investing your hard-earned money in something fruitful. However, before investing in an FD, you must compare different FD offerings in the market and check the maturity amount using the Fixed Deposit (FD) calculator to make an informed decision. Get started now by using the Bajaj Finance FD calculator and apply easily online.

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