Why B.Ed is Important to Become a Teacher?

Teaching is one of the most noble and reputed professions which is highly popular among both men and women across the globe. Teachers are responsible for imparting education and knowledge in a strategic manner among students at school and university levels. It is the only profession that can help in creating an effective and sound education system for a country and this is the reason why more and more students are getting attracted towards teaching.

To become a teacher in India, you must have a graduation degree followed by a compulsory course known as Bachelors of Education or B.Ed. The duration of this course is two years, which is spitted into four semesters. B.Ed makes an individual eligible for teaching profession in India. If you also want to become a teacher, then pursuing Bachelors of Education from a top B.Ed colleges in India is mandatory for you.

In the following paragraphs we are going to discuss how B.Ed can impact your career and how it is useful for those who want to be a teacher.

Practical teaching sessions in classroom environment

During the third semester of the course prospective teachers are given scope to walk into schools and organize classes for students. It helps prospective teachers in getting a fair idea of the challenges they are going face with students and how it feels to teach in real life. It also helps them in building confidence and discovering innovative teaching techniques.

Let You Know about the Background of the Teaching Profession

B.Ed. involves theory based subjects during the first semester. In this semester you have to study historical background of the teaching profession which includes various commissions and committees that contributed significantly in the evolution of the teaching profession.

Exploring Innovative Teaching Methods

The principal goal of B.Ed colleges in India is to teach B.Ed. students art of teaching. Most of the people have a lot of knowledge about different subjects, but they don’t know how to dissipate it efficiently to young learners. To pass on knowledge to students or to make students understand something is a challenging task. In B.Ed course, the future teachers are taught effective and innovative ways of teaching, so that they can impart knowledge that could prove useful to students.

Management of School Affairs

B.Ed course is not only limited to the learning of effective teaching methods, but it also aims at building skilled teachers who can help in overall development of academic system in India and hence it also comprises teaching about the administrative aspects of a school.

Eligibility for B.Ed

Candidates who have a graduation degree are eligible for B.Ed course in India. They must have scored at least 50% marks at graduation level for being eligible for this course.

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