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Does life seem to be messy, clueless and with too much clutter everywhere? Well, Aries you need organization. Try to get into a system that will put everything in order and untangle the perplexities. And it seems the Moon god has listened to your prayers.

On May 21, the quarter moon from Virgo will be sending its balancing rays to your 6th house- the house of organization. It’s just that you have to take some time out and focus on sorting and organization. Rams this week is the best time for a thorough spring clean-up. So, be pro-active with tidying up and alongside pay attention to proper organization for a neat sorted life for the days ahead.

And oh yes, these healthy lunar rays are all about pure kinetic energy. So, added to spring cleaning, prep up for a solid spring training this time as well. No need to go overboard- just a brisk morning walk and good hydration will keep you in shape.

As the week approaches to Friday, in Aries horoscope you can expect a gala time amidst jigs and grooves and nice music. All thanks to the dreamy trine of Jupiter right in Scorpio and Neptune in the artsy Pisces. The trine, a 120-degree angle, can be best described as a divine dance which will summon 3 spirit guides. The day will be all about amazing creativity in your studio at your heart’s content. If you have been planning to pen up a song of late, the coming Friday will be the day for you. To make things more special, you can host a night-out with your buddies at home where all of you can grove the night away in pajamas and sleepers. You can also plan up a night out in the best clubs in the city for amazing festive memories.

The weekend, however, will be little tricky. Venus will be in emotional 4th while the structured Saturn will be sitting in the goal-oriented 10th. And that predicts quite a tug-of-war. While Saturn will be pushing you to work hard towards your goals, Venus will make you yearn for self-indulgence, pampering and personal downtime. Expect problems in work-life balance the coming weekend. The best way to ease the conflict is to practice meditation. It will calm the mind, keep you grounded and allow you to think clearly on how to maintain harmony in both personal life & work through discipline and organization .

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