How To Apply Beard Oil The Right Way In 4 Easy Steps

Beard is one of the best makeup that a man can wear in this generation. It has now become more like a necessity than a trend for many people. The people who have a thick beard on their face would opine that a clean-shaven look can only be half decent than a bearded one.

However, it takes some real struggle to get that envious bearded look on the face. The primary problems can be slow growth rate or uneven growing pattern. Some may even notice that the beard is not growing to its full potential.

This is where the importance of beard oil comes into the picture. These beard oils are formulated with all the essential nutrients that your beard and the hair follicles need along with proper care given to the skin underneath as well. A good oil will always do good to the skin, keep it away from drying, cleanse and detoxify the pores, etc.

But how do you get started? Of course, grabbing a good quality beard oil is the first of the many parts of the story. The actual struggle comes in when you wonder how and when should you apply the beard oil.

1. The perfect time to apply

The perfect time to apply a beard oil has to be right after a shower. Your beard is the cleanest and right after you have taken a bath. This is probably the best time to treat it with the goodness of the oil. However, you should make sure that you have not completely dried off the hair. Just keep it a little damp after patting it with a towel.

2. How much to use?

It is a lot more difficult than you can think as it is very important to know how much oil you need. The optimum quantity depends on how long your beard is. If it is just a month old, 3-4 drops would suffice. However, if it is more than a month old, try 6 drops. And if you have been growing it for over a year, nothing less than 10 drops would work.

3. How often to use?

A beard oil should only be used depending on the size of the beard and also the kind of climate you live in. If you are in a tropical climate zone which is humid, your beard will not go dry so soon. Hence you can do away with just applying it once in two days.

However, if you live in a dry climate, or during winters, you need to apply at least once daily to keep the dryness of the hair and the skin beneath at bay.

4. How to apply?

Applying the oil seems to be easy but is tricky at times. You need to make sure that you do not pour a lot of oil as some drops may be big and some may be small.

Pour the right amount of oil on your palm and spread it evenly all over, including the fingers. Once done, gently massage them on the beard and work with your fingers, just like you oil your hair. Remember, the skin under the beard should also be enriched with the oil so that you don’t get beardruff.

The finishing touch

Once you have applied the oil, take a beard comb and style it the way you want to. Don’t scratch your skin with it but make it gentle. Also, you need to know that it is always a great idea to buy a separate comb for your beard only. It should ideally be made of wood and not of plastic.

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