Applications Of Combination Therapy

Combination therapy is also known as Polytherapy, which is the kind of therapy that makes use of more than just one modality or medication. In other words, it just means that to treat one disease, you make use of multiple therapies. Time is important, when you are treating a patient with physiotherapy. When you are working in any busy physiotherapy clinic, with time, space is also very precious. Sometimes, or may be more, it feels as if both are little. One of the best way to encounter such dilemmas is through the use of combination units, which include of Electrotherapy and Ultrasound.

Combination therapy unit physiotherapy, is helpful in combatting both space and time problem. Electrotherapy and Ultrasound units both help save space and time, by offering such versatile modalities within just one machine.

Electrotherapy and Ultrasound modalities are used in physiotherapy for a wide range of their applications.

  1. Fibromyalgia : In such cases, there have been many research conducted with the use of combination units, which has shown that TENS and Ultrasound are extremely successful in reduction of muscle aches as well as disturbed sleep.
  2. Sciatica: Before the stretching of piriformis muscles, these modalities are used, so that it helps the muscle to relax. In addition to this, both TENS and Ultrasound are useful with relieving the pain, by emitting deep heat to tissues and also neurotransmitters being released which blocks such pain sensations in brain.
  3. Diabetes: Peripheral Neuropathy and Skin Ulcers, are two of the side effects associated with Diabetes, which may cause pain. TENS treatment has ben effective in reduction of pain drastically caused by neuropathy and Ultrasound has been effective in reduction of healing time of skin ulcers.
  4. Greater Trochanteric Bursitis: Here the combination unit is useful in treating pain that is associated with this disease. TENS unit overrides pain related signals to brain, and Ultrasound helps through providing deep heat, which reduces pain, and this will help in increasing the flexibility and strength of the joints and muscles, that allows them to participate in the required treatment.
  5. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction: TMD causes many problems to patients, specifically pain. The combination modalities of TENS and Ultrasound would help increase the blood circulation, that helps lower the jaw swelling and pain.

There are many combination-units’ applications, which helps with the treatment process and saves both space and time. Combination Therapy Unit at Best Price, can be found on many online websites, such as Medical Bazzar, which sells the best physiotherapy and medical related products online.

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