The Most Appealing Big Data Skills of 2018

The Most Appealing Big Data Skills of 2018

We all understand the power of big data today. As it has made it possible for us to blend large and dissimilar sets of data in remarkable ways that provide business value. Bid data has played a huge role in changing the IT data scenery. It has led to the emergence of multiples data management approaches as well as analytic technologies that helps businesses to grow.

Big data technology is changing each day. It has become tougher to survive in the IT job market without upgrading your skills on a regular basis. The demand for new skills is growing rapidly and creating great opportunities for professionals who possess those skills.

In India, over the last year, the demand for people with skills and knowledge in data science, artificial learning and machine learning has increased by 50 percent. As the talent pool is quite limited in this case, the professionals with data science skills are paid 40 percent more than people with other IT skills. With this enhancement in the appeal of professionals with data science qualifications, a number of big data certification programs are being introduced all around the world.

Furthermore, there is going to be a deficit of 190,000 data science professionals in the United States of America by the end of 2018, as per a report by McKinsey. This shortage is due to the lack of innovation in technology skillset.

This demand is not just coming from IT firms. We are well aware of the fact that huge IT companies (like Facebook, Google, IBM) are hiring big data professionals. But it’s a lesser known fact that businesses in non-IT sectors have a large need for professionals with knowledge of data science.

With the increase in the application of big data, a lot of job roles are going to depend on skills related to big data. In order to make smarter and more strategic business decisions, there is a requirement for people who can evaluate as well as report data. We have compiled a list of the most popular data scientist skills that will help you attain a successful career ahead.

Popular Big Data Skills

  1. Apache Hadoop

Big data and Hadoop are so compatible with each other that sometimes they are used interchangeably. Though it is an older technology, its demand is still increasing. Companies are eager to hire professionals who have expertise in essential elements of Hadoop including HDFS, Flume, MapReduce, Oozie, Pig, Hive, YARN, HBase.

  1. Apache Spark

For processing and analyzing big data at a faster pace, Spark is highly recommended either within or outside the Hadoop framework. Therefore, professionals with deep understanding of Spark are very much in demand these days.

  1. Data Mining along with Machine Learning

Data mining has reached new heights in today’s big data scenery. Machine learning is also extremely famous within big data. Constructing and managing predictive analytic applications like classification, personalization as well as recommendation systems by applying machine learning is greatly required by companies.

  1. NoSQL

In the pursuance of storing large sets of data, organizations are increasingly taking leverage of distributed NoSQL databases such as Couchbase and MongoDB. Consequently, the need for professionals who know how to work on NoSQL is widely increasing.

  1. Data Visualization

It is incredibly tough to comprehend big data. It is a complex affair to perform multivariable regression evaluation on the data. To resolve this, data visualization tools such as QlikView and Tableau are used. They help you analyze a fragment of your data and expose hidden insights.

  1. General Purpose Programming

Most professionals focus on analytics, however, if you gain knowledge in general purpose languages such as Java, C, Scala etc. it will help you get a competitive edge over other candidates who are not well versed in such languages.


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