Add Live Chat to Your Website to Stay Ahead of your Competitors

According to a poll by eMarketer, 62 percent of customers would be ready to buy products online if there is live customer support on the website. Therefore, giving instant support to such customers is essential to the bottom line, and website live chat is among the few tools that offer personalized responses and instant support.

So, how does live chat help you to stay leaps and bounds ahead of the competition?

Turns prospects into paying customers

Often, prospective buyers don’t know precisely what they want, which is why they keep on browsing. Therefore, don’t let them go without making a purchase. To achieve this, engage them using live chat, and ask them what they could be interested in, enlighten them about your service or product, or prompt them to make a sale. Unlike emails, which can take a long time, live chat is instant and thus able to capture the interest of customers.

Understand your target audience

Using live chat makes it possible for you to know your ideal customers and their specific requirements. Once you know the needs of your target audience, you can adjust your market strategy. Even if your competitors are using live chat, they may not be addressing the specific customer needs.

Inspire confidence and reassurance in customers

Most shoppers get lost during the purchase process because of many reasons such as a complicated checkout process, the need to create an account, and more. Other customers are not so web-savvy, and may need someone to guide them through the process. Once a live person comes in to assist, they will be confident and reassured enough to complete the checkout process.

Train your live chat agents

It is important to train your live chat agents, so they deliver value when engaging customers through live chat. This should be the case whether it’s new staff or an existing phone support staff; staff who are trained to handle phone calls need to be composed while those handling live chat should multitask and talk to various customers within a short time. To make a meaningful impact on customers, the staff requires in-depth training on live chat.

Once you add chat to website, you will not only be able to outshine your competition, but you will also be able to save on communication costs while increasing conversions.

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