9Apps: One App But Multiple Benefits

We all look for a medium that can help us in carrying our different works. In simple words, we prefer a multipurpose tool. One such tool is 9apps. 9apps is a tool that helps us download media. This includes apps that can help you watch movies, music, games, and files related to education, office, designs and wallpaper, ringtones, etc. Thus, 9Apps has all kind of multimedia content. We can say that 9Apps serves the same purpose as google play store. It acts as a platform for a large number of apps. This app can be downloaded on both androids as well as IOS.

What are the features of 9Apps?

Following are the features of 9Apps:

  • Storage: 9Apps is like Google play store but one of the major differences is storage space. 9Apps is better than google play store in this sense because the app consumes less smartphone’s storage. This is very important especially for the phones having less internal storage space.
  • Free of cost: For availing all these benefits of 9Apps one does not have to pay any price. You can get the app free of cost.
  • A wide range of choices: One can get the information on a variety of apps for a variety of purposes. You can explore and get the app you desire.
  • Quick updates: 9Apps also updates you if there is any new application. Moreover, it keeps on updating the existing applications on your phone.
  • Categorization: 9apps actually categorizes all the apps that it supports. For example, all the apps are placed in categories like photography, music, utility and many others. This help people to easily locate the app which they desire.

How to download 9Apps?

For downloading the app you need to follow the given steps. However, remember that 9Apps is a third-party app. This means that you cannot get the app from Google play store. Moreover, your phone might not allow installation of 9Apps. In this case, you just need to go to the ‘settings’ and then ‘security’. Under security allow installation from unknown sources.

Step 1. Go to the official website www.9apps.com and then click on ‘download’ to download the app.

Step 2. After downloading click on ‘install’.

Now your app is ready to use. You can search any app in 9Apps and install them too.


9Apps is widely used today. However, the app has its own problems. One of the major problems is that since it’s a third-party app the installation of the app from other non-reliable apps can cause damage to your phone. Moreover, the app also does not allow direct download of games and apps. There also users who have complained that the app since sometimes it automatically starts installing apps. This is a big reason why people prefer to use its alternative which is the Google play store.

9Apps is an innovative initiative by the UC web under Alibaba Group Company. The app provides cost-free and easy user-friendly access to the various apps available online.

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