8 Pieces of Software to Automate Your Life

Just as with a subscription to any internet package, such as Spectrum Internet plans, we feel more connected, there are actually certain software programs that have made our life automated. Living in the current digital age calls for that. We have already experienced mind-boggling technologies that have revolutionized the ways we used to do various things. Innovative inventions such as smartphones, internet, and novel texting and calling apps have shrunk the distances. We have advanced enough to automate many things in our life.

Read on to find out how.

  1. Automated Computer Maintenance  

It is actually very boring to sit there and clean up your system. And, it is something that needs to be done essentially and regularly. The good news is that whether you own Mac or a Windows PC, you can automate the cleaning process by running certain software programs on a schedule. One instance is CCleaner. Set up a backup program that is automated, so that there is not even a slight chance of losing any data. Once you have set it up, it will do the task itself.

  1. Computerized Bill Payments

Are you someone who hates managing budget, and paying bills! If yes, you just got lucky. You can automate your bill payments now. With Mint, you can automatically pay your bills online, and also make an automatic budget. Enlighten yourself with the basic know-how of automating finances and then stick to a software program that does the job.

  1. Automate Your Diet

Whether you stress out while planning and cooking, or trying to shed off some extra pounds, you can easily automate your meals with one of the many tools and apps available. With these tools, you can gather all the recipes, and plan weekly meals before time. This way you can have stress-free cooking and shopping. For those on a strict diet, try a service like Swole.me or Eat This Much. These plan the diet according to your instructions, and set goals.

  1. Organize Important Files and Documents

We have tons of unorganized documents and files in hard drives, cloud-storage apps, and so on. Luckily, there are a few tools that can help you automate anything with the said files. Ditch all the hard drive clutter, and organize the relevant documents in proper folders. Sort photographs, videos, and documents in different folders. Use Automator on Mac, and Actions on Windows, to automatically rename all those heaps of documents, images, PDF files, and so on.

  1. Love Shopping? Avail Automatic Discounts

Whether you are taking a trip to a grocery store, or trekking yourself to a home décor store, you can avail amazing discounts. Amazon Subscribe & Save will automate your shopping by sending you everything that you require on a schedule, and at a decent discount. You can even automate your office lunches. If you don’t like grocery shopping, get your stuff delivered. Ensure automating all the coupons so that you are able to avail the discounts automatically.

  1. Your Smartphone can Read Your Mind

Smartphones are amazing but you don’t have to spend time pressing many buttons to do a simple task. There are certain tools that can make your smartphone be smart enough to read your mind and perform a related action. For instance, you can tell it to switch to silent mode at night or dim the screen light automatically. For Android users, there is an app called Tasker, while the proud iPhone users need to jailbreak and then try one of these tools.

  1. Integrate Your Favorite Websites and Apps

We all use certain apps and tools that we absolutely can’t live without. Some instances are Gmail, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on.  Do you know you can make these services better by automating the tasks? Try IFTTT (If This Then That) and make your searches easy. You can save articles for later, fix photos on Instagram, and do a lot with this amazing app.

  1. Smart Homes

How amazing it could be if the thermostat could be changed without getting up, or the doors are unlocked without fumbling with the keys. Well, that is possible. Home automation can do it for you. If you have a subscription to one of the internet plans such as Spectrum Double Play, you can discover tons of tricks that can let you control everything in your house with Siri. You can even water the plans and feed your dog automatically.

It seems there is no end to what can be expected next. The sky is the limit!

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