7 Best Yoga Retreats That Will Leave You Completely Zen

It’s time to leave work behind and look for a few days to regain energy and well-being. Right? Yoga can be the solution to finding some peace of mind. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you have to know these retreats that will leave you completely Zen.

With the arrival of the holidays comes the moment to relax, to finally have that well-deserved break from your work and the stress of everyday life. If you are part of the 14% of the tired population who want to take a relaxing spa vacation or yoga, we loved to show you seven of the best retreats in the world. Clean your mind, fill your suitcase and break the discovery of your inner self.

Koh Samui – Thailand

If you are looking for a tropical setting and warm weather, say hello to Thailand. Although at first glance Koh Samui does not seem to be synonymous with tranquility. The truth is that in addition to family resorts and crowded beaches you will find the Samahita retreat that will offer you everything you are entitled to: from group retreats to wellness programs, loss weight and detoxification. You can mold your experience exactly to your own. Be sure to breathe the fresh air as you practice yoga in the shala (yoga studio) and take a deep breath as you contemplate the calm of the meditation garden. Do not, of course, take a dip in the salt water pool.

 Goa, India

With hundreds of retreats, India is home to yoga. To combine a beach holiday with tranquil yoga sessions in the middle of palm trees visit the Little Cove Yoga Retreat, located in Cola Beach in the former Portuguese province of Goa. To stay as close to nature as possible, you will be housed in eco-friendly cottages among coconut palms directly on the beach and will have two Indian vegetarian meals per day. The yoga sessions will focus on helping you discover inner calm and achieve good physical and mental health. You can also opt for traditional Ayurveda massages and treatments (alternative medicine practices from the Indian subcontinent).

Aruba – Caribbean

Endless miles of white sand beaches, crystal clear water and sunshine all year round. Does it look good on you? Then head to Aruba, in the Caribbean and make sure to add some adventure to your relaxing vacation. On these beaches you’ll find the ideal conditions for windsurfing, kitesurfing or diving. The Yoga Island Retreat offers you the opportunity to meditate and embark on a self-discovery adventure, while encouraging you to test your balance with SUP Yoga (yoga performed on a paddle board) and navigate to sunset of the sun.

Bali – Indonesia

Known as the “island of the gods”, Bali is one of the destinations that have the most to offer when it comes to yoga retreats. Located within a tropical rainforest near Ubud, above a sacred river overlooking a divine temple, the Blooming Lotus Yoga retreat promises to offer you the peace that seeks and rejuvenate you the body as well as the mind and spirit. Daily lessons are combined with workshops in asana (posture), meditation and pranayama (respiratory control) as well as with optional health treatments or excursions in the surrounding area. Be sure to take this opportunity and get out of there with your virabhadrasana (warrior pose) ready to face the day to day.

Santa Teresa – Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is known for attracting yoga enthusiasts and spa lovers from around the world. A tropical rainforest that runs to a palm-fringed beach, the reflection of the sun in the crystal clear waters, the cloudless blue sky, the tropical climate … This is the offer that the Nautilus Boutique Hotel offers you. There are twice-daily yoga sessions of 90 minutes each, but if you wish you can choose to have a private session. The private terraces, the swimming pool, in-room massages and an organic food restaurant will surely make your experience unforgettable.

Loviisa – Finland

Are you looking for a getaway from an exhausting job? The Villa Mandala Manor & Resort, in the town of Loviisa, is the ideal place for you. With a focus on stress relief and culinary nourishment, Villa Mandala organizes about five yoga retreats each year, with nature being one of the essential elements: you can enjoy quiet walks through the forests, a swim in a nearby lake or a bike ride through the Finnish countryside. To end your trip well, do not forget to try the therapeutic herbal sauna.

Bornholm – Denmark

Known as the sunny island of Denmark, in Bornholm you will find abrupt cliffs that fall directly into the Baltic Sea, white limestone beaches, large forests where delicate light seeps through and picturesque towns and villages. The Bornholm Yoga & Retreat Center, dedicated to body, soul and nature, holds several retreats per year. At the “Change in Silence Weekend” retreat will be encouraged to leave all communication devices behind and plunge into the world of silence. This journey begins and ends in nature: count on walks in the surrounding forests and along the coast, new techniques of breathing and meditation on the beach. Each day will end with a homemade organic vegetarian meal served by a bonfire on the beach.

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