6 Things You’ll Love About Brisbane

If you want to do something unique when visiting Australia and you’ve already been to Melbourne or Sydney, consider taking a trip to Brisbane. Brisbane offers a lot of things in just one place, so if you’re looking for a destination that will provide you with plenty of activities, it’s the perfect option for your road trip in a camper rental.

There are a lot of special things about Queensland but Brisbane is certainly one of the best thing about this area on Australia’s east coast. If you’re already headed to the east coast in your camper rental, make sure to put Brisbane on your list of places to see.

Things You’ll Love About Brisbane

Believe us; anyone who has been to Brisbane ends up loving it. To help you get an idea of what to expect, we’ll share what we love about Brisbane and what we think you’ll love about Brisbane as well.

  1. Australia has a lot of beach destinations but not every beach destination is right smack in the city. If you want to enjoy hanging around on white sand, getting a suntan and then explore the city, there’s nothing that can stop you from doing just that. It’s a fun way to relax and get some sunshine, without having to go very far.
  2. It has a thriving art scene. If you love art, you’ll love the art scene in Brisbane. With beautiful galleries in buildings with incredible architecture, the experience goes beyond just the exhibitions. From GoMA to the Queensland Art Gallery, there are plenty of places to go to get your fill of artwork while in Brisbane. If you want to catch a glimpse of some of the best Aboriginal art, head on over to Milani Gallery.
  3. You can climb the city’s bridge. I mean, come one, where else can you large bridges in the middle of a city? While there are a few places where you can do this (especially in Australia), it’s certainly not something that you’ll find yourself doing just any day. Climb up Story Bridge and then abseil down, because why not? You’re in Australia and we like to have fun and doing daring things is just part of having a great time in life, isn’t it?
  4. Please, go hug a koala. While we don’t suggest doing this in the wild, if you want to give some animals some love, you can go to a very animal friendly sanctuary known as the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary where you’ll find a host of great Australian animals that you’ll want to see. Although, we have to be honest, nothing beats getting to cuddle koalas. While not inside of Brisbane, you can easily get there on a cruise.
  5. South Bank is so much fun. South Bank is a great place to pass the time. It’s full of restaurants, bars, and parks. It’s where you go when you have a day off and want to enjoy hanging around, people watching, fun classes, or simply walking the city. You’ll recognize it for the giant Ferris wheel. There’s even a man-made lagoon if you’re in the mood to go swimming while in South Bank.
  6. Go to Moreton Island. It’s not in the city but you’ll want to take some time to visit Moreton Island while visiting Brisbane. If you’re not opposed to taking a ferry, get on the ferry downtown and expect an amazing day trip. This sand island is large and beautiful and as a national park, there is plenty of nature for you to explore and enjoy. Crystalline waters await you, as well as dolphins, whales, and many more creatures. Bring your snorkeling gear and if you’re up to it, enjoy 4WD adventures around the island. If we could pick one of the best places to go for some time in the sun and fresh air near Brisbane, Moreton Island would be it. 

In Conclusion 

Besides all the wonderful things to do in Brisbane, you’ll also discover how beautiful this city is. From the waterfront views to the beautiful buildings and the lively atmosphere, it’s a city that lends itself to fun and relaxation. If you’re not much for being in snooty places and worried about having to dress as fashionably as you would in Europe, Brisbane’s laid-back vibe lets you be as comfortable as you want to be.

Most Australian cities have a great vibe but Brisbane truly embodies the idea of Aussie friendliness. If you’re hoping to enjoy a bit of city life while being able to admire Australian beauty, this is the place to go.

Pack up your camper rental and don’t hesitate to see what Queensland is all about—and more importantly, what Brisbane is all about. It’s a city that you don’t want to miss out on when visiting Australia.

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