6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine in India

Are you all set to buy a brand washing machine this summer season? Congratulations! But, you can’t go ahead and buy any of the available washing machines in the market. Why? It is because unless you don’t consider your needs and other factors, you won’t be able to bring home the best washing machine.

You can go through this post and know some of the vital factors that you must go through before buying a washing machine in India. Read on!

Consider these factors before buying a washing machine

  • Materials of the tub or drum

The tub of your washing machine may be made of plastic, stainless steel or porcelain enamel. Plastic and porcelain are inexpensive options, and plastic tubs are considered more durable than enamel as they may rust fast. Hence, stainless steel is the best as they are durable and tackle high spin speeds. Thus, you can also consider buying a Haier washing machine or any other brand with a stainless steel tub/drum.

  • Check out the wash settings

Most washing machines come with preset wash programs like ‘gentle wash’ for delicate clothes along with the water level options. However, you can always customize and save your preferred or favourite settings. You can also adjust them via rotary controls, a touchpad or a touchscreen. Opting for the first type is an affordable option in the market.

  • Spin cycle

The spin cycle for drying is computed as RPM or revolutions per minute. The higher is the RPM of an LG washing machine or any other, the better it will dry the clothes. Nonetheless, it will also depend on the types of clothes that you wash in your washing machine. For washing delicate clothes, a spin cycle of 300-500 RPM is adequate. On the other hand, for thick clothes such as jeans, an RPM of 1000 would be fine.

  • Consider the fuzzy logic

The fuzzy logic feature automatically selects the best washing conditions as per the quantity of clothes. It can easily detect the weight of the total wash load and then determines the water, detergent and the time required to complete it. Hence, if you are buying any washing machine with fuzzy logic, you don’t need to worry about any settings.

  • Temperature control

Nowadays, Lloyd washing machine and many more brands come with an in-built heater. This feature controls the temperature of the water and can prove to be handy during the winter months. What’s more, you should also know that hot water cleans your clothes superiorly. Some of the devices available in the market come with steam settings, which also help in removing tough stains and dirt.

  • Semi automatic or fully automatic

A semi automatic washing machine is the one that needs manual assistance while washing clothes. Once the clothes are washed, you need to transfer them to the drying compartment. You also need to drain the water and switch off the power button once the process is complete.

In the case of a fully automatic washing machine, you can just select the wash program after throwing in your clothes, running the water connection and the detergent. That’s it – you can now go out for a movie and never bothered about what will happen to your clothes. Once you are back, your clothes will be washed and kept dried.

Overall, a fully automatic washing machine does not need any manual assistance while operating. It’s only drawback is that it uses a lot of water to wash clothes. Hence, if you live in an area with the scarcity of water, a semi automatic LG washing machine or any other brand will be good.

While selecting a washing machine, you should also consider its energy efficiency as to how much power units will consume daily and increase your light bill.

You can consider the discussed vital points while opting for a washing machine in the market. This way, you would be able to purchase the best model in India.

If paying the price of a washing machine at once may stretch your wallet, then you may also opt for an easier buying option in India.

The No Cost EMI facility offered by the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network in India is now available. This way, you can divide the washing machine cost over a tenor and pay only fixed EMIs and nothing extra at all. As a result, you can save hugely compared to other payment options.


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