5 ways to get fit without trying this summer

Now that the Spring has well and truly arrived, we can come out of our winter hibernation. What better time to embrace a more active and healthy lifestyle? The great news is that it is much easier to get fit when the weather outside is good. In fact, there are many ways to get fit without even trying!


Walking sounds so simple, and it is! Adding in some extra steps to your day can help with your cardiovascular health, muscle strength and weight loss. Who wants to be sitting in a traffic jam on the school run when you can be breathing in lungfuls of fresh air? Kids love to take their scooters and bikes to school and so it’s not too difficult to convince them to leave the car at home. Why not activate the pedometer on your phone or grab a wearable device and keep a count of how many steps you are managing on a daily basis? It can become a bit of a personal challenge and you can even join groups and compete with your friends.

Outdoor swimming

Why not embrace some of the UK’s beautifully maintained lidos to build up your fitness whilst having fun? Lidos and outdoor pools are great places to spend the day as a family as you can keep dipping in and out to of the pool to cool down, as well as squeezing in a few lengths here and there. Grab some kids poncho towels, which are great for slipping over your little one’s heads if they want to dry off after a splash about to avoid any moans of ‘I’m coooooooooold’. Did you know that swimming is great for toning muscles, building endurance and improving your cardiovascular fitness, as well as making you stronger?

Find like minded friends

If you seek out the friends who are fitness oriented then you are more likely to spend time doing fun sporting activities such as tennis, jogging or bike riding rather than going to the pub. These activities don’t need to be hard work, when you set out to do sport as a sociable activity you might actually find that it is a lot of fun.

Holiday fitness

Sometimes taking children on holiday can be exhausting as you are constantly looking for ways to entertain them. If you embrace a holiday with more of a fitness focus then you may find that you experience the double benefits of improving your own fitness as well as creating a whole heap of fun activities for you and the kids. Instead of simply sunbathing on the beach, how about checking out some watersports such as water skiing or snorkelling? Even more simple than that is taking a cricket or rounders set and a football and setting up fun family games. You may also find that other families want to come and join in which is an excellent way of making holiday friends.

Get on your bike

When the weather is good there are few things as nice as jumping on a bike and getting out for a cycle. It’s a brilliant way of seeing the countryside and as long as you can find relatively flat routes, the kids love it. Pack a picnic and make a day of it. If you have young children they can be easily accommodated in a seat at the back of your bike. The health benefits to you are that cycling is gentle on your joints whilst building up your muscles.

Fitness and fun combined is a winning formula, and you’ll feel better all winter after a summer of fun, exercise and fresh air.

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