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5 Enchanting Facts About Furniture

When you are engrossed in your profound thoughts while relaxing on your rocking chair or while watching your favorite movie lying on the comfy couch, does this question ever strike your mind that who was the first one to do the same things?

Alternatively, who were these people responsible for the wonderful concepts of furniture?

Talking about the present time, if we check our surroundings, then we can see infinite furniture kinds and designs around us. Simply put, furniture surrounds us!

Whether it is our home or office, furniture is the one which optimally fills the area and makes the place alluring.

Whenever we feel dizzy, the bed is there to provide us a peaceful sleep, the book lovers like to read novels on their comfy, rocking chairs, and the sofas are meant to host visitors at your place.

Do you know that these furniture items have a history? Of course, they do.

The sofas, rocking chairs, bed and all the furniture around us are the inventions of some genius brains so we can live every moment of our lives in a comfortable manner.

Let’s dig deeper into the history of the furniture and know some interesting facts about them.

  1. Bed

In ancient times, beds were made from natural materials like straw, palm leaves or animal skin. The first modern bed came into existence in the 12th century which was prepared from wood.

Moreover, the 17th century was renowned for splendid bed designs as this was the era where improvisations in design were at its peak.

Affluents opted for silk and golden fabrics to accessorize their beds.

Sofa Set

Bernard Castro was the man behind the invention of the first Castro Convertible sofa in 1931 which paved the way for the progress of modern sofa beds.

William Brouwer of the United States, invented the first sofa convertible frame in 1931 which has become famous worldwide.

Rocking Chair

In 1725, rocking chairs marked their existence in England. Both locals and the historians had contradictions about the person responsible for its invention.

People believed that Benjamin Franklin was the creator, but historians claimed that he was a kid at that time, thus, leading to a lot of theories.

These chairs were eminent for their exceptional craftsmanship.

Different versions of rocking chairs include Bentwood Rocking Chair of 1860, folding rocking chair of 1920 and many more.


Earlier, the tables were made by Egyptians which were utilized only to place objects or for playing games.

Later, Chinese constructed tables from wood or metal which they used for art. After that, tables were invented by Greek which they used for the eating purpose. Romans launched tables which they named “Mensa Lunata.”

The wealthy class used expensive materials on the table and some even utilized precious gems to accessorize their tables

Office Chair

After the 16th century, common people started using chair because before that chairs were only for the kings and the wealthy class. The underprivileged sat on stools or benches.

Egyptians used chairs that were made of finest varieties of wood. They also used leather or cloth for covering it up.

At that time, chairs were very low seated in contrast to the present times, i.e. 25 cms tall.

These were some of the fascinating facts on furniture which you probably didn’t know! Hope you liked them!

Share more exciting furniture facts with us if you know any. For a modern and comfortable furniture designs, check out furniture stores in Leicester.

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Marko, a traveling interior design consultant, tests the modern as well as archaic furniture-based artistic waters in the UK and around the world. Marko loves to talk about anything and everything from interior designs, breaking architectural norms, product reviews and redesigning furniture pieces that are cutting edge, innovation, high-tech, and green. Read him for all sorts of product reviews, design tips and recommendations and forward-looking trends in the world of furniture.

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